John Moody: Cutting Edge Sustainable Farming & The Destructive Power Of Food Marketing

John and his family live on a 35-acre sustainable farm, where they cultivate new methods to raise wholesome foods. He’s a food rights advocate and educator, and he’s got a lot of shocking information about how our food culture changed– and how we can work to change it back!

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The Low-Histamine Chef: Histamine Intolerance, How to Identify Problem Foods, and The Power Of Mindful Eating

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This week’s show is with Yasmina Ykelenstam, who once worked as a journalist for CNN and BBC, diving right into combat zones and even getting shot at in a helicopter. But we’re talking about the other thing that almost killed her – her diet. Learn about the hidden epidemic of histamine intolerance…

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Toxic Ingredients In Beer, Wine, And Spirits

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It’s pretty obvious to most of us that alcoholic beverages aren’t a health drink. But, for many of us who live a healthy lifestyle, an occasional drink is just fine… if you know what’s in your bottle, can, or glass. The problem is that it’s really hard to tell. Find out what’s really in your favorite “adult” beverage…

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John Kiefer: Trashing Paleo, Ketogenic Diet Mistakes, & Why It’s Good to Be Wrong

This week we have John Kiefer returning to the show. Brace yourself for this podcast, because Kiefer’s ruffling feathers– especially in the Paleo community. He’s been trashing Paleo on his blog recently… hold on, you’ll find out why.

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Dr. Perlmutter: Brain Maker, Fecal Transplants, and How to Heal Your Gut with Real Food

It’s my pleasure to have Dr. David Perlmutter on the show again– the author of the number one book in America on brain health after being out for just six days on Amazon. His cutting-edge new book, Brain Maker, essentially validates Dr. Perlmutter’s other wildly popular book—Grain Brain.

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