Dr. Trevor Cates: The Spa Doctor’s Secret To Feeling Smart, Sexy, and Strong

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If you’re interested about learning how to age gracefully, you’re going to enjoy listening to this week’s Fat-Burning Man Show podcast with Dr. Trevor Cates.

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Dr. Josh Axe: The Truth about Stevia and ​How to Eat for Performance​

Do you want to lose weight, get healthy, improve your athletic performance, or need help healing from a chronic disease? On this week’s Fat Burning Man Show, Dr. Josh Axe will give you three basic tips on how to achieve your goals using relaxation, diet, and exercise.

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The Cavity-Reversing Diet: Real Food and Supplements Can Build Stronger, Healthier Teeth

It is not cost effective for the dental health industry to tell us how to repair damaged teeth and truly avoid cavities, so we are taught that tooth damage is irreversible. However, there is research that says otherwise, here is what I’ve discovered…

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Micheal Lovitch: Supplement Shams, The Dr. Oz Effect, & The Future of Custom Formulas

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This week, Michael Lovitch joins me to talk about REAL supplements, how to avoid sham supplement companies, and much more. If you’re interested in finding out more about who you can trust in the supplement industry, this episode will be right up your alley!

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Daniel Vitalis: Rewilding, Domesticated Homsapians, & How Civilization Became a Feed Lot

If you’re sick of feeling tired, ill, fat, stressed, or disconnected, you may just need to get wild! My guest on this week’s Fat-Burning Man Show is health, nutrition, and personal development strategist Daniel Vitalis–and we’re learning how to live like real humans.

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