The Top 8 Worst GMO Foods

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Have you ever wondered how the genetically-altered food we eat every day is actually made? The truth isn’t pretty. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are invading our food supply like a hoard of locusts. But how safe are they for human consumption?

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Dr. Alan Christianson: The Adrenal-Reset Diet

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I’m happy to say I’m finally back on the radar after a media hiatus (many months to finish the book, hang with family, record a new album in Nashville, travel the world, and live in the woods). This is the first new show in many months, and it’s a special episode with Dr. Alan Christianson. You’ll hear more about our adventures living off the grid in an upcoming episode – stay tuned.

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100 Awesome Ways To Eat Bacon

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Bacon has been shunned by the health community for the last half-decade as an artery-clogging, fat-building demon. But baby, bacon’s back. And by the sheer number of people who have jumped right on the bacon-wagon, it begs the question: Were they ever really off?

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How To Find Affordable Quality Meat At The Grocery Store

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Modern life makes getting good, quality meat from these awesome local sources a difficult thing to do. I’m going to get real, here. I’m going to tell you how to get the best possible quality meat from your grocery store for the least amount of money.

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4 Simple Hacks To Stop Sugar Cravings

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Sugar. It’s everywhere. Of course, we can spot the obvious places– like ice cream and cookies, soft drinks and candy bars. But sugar also hides in less obvious places. Here are 4 tips to beat the cravings and reach your fat-burning goals.

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