Michelle Tam: How to Feed Your Kids, Hack The Night Shift, & Learn to Love Eating The Whole Animal

Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo is awesome—so awesome, in fact, that she actually has her own action figure! It even comes with a little pan of fried eggs and bacon… It’s seriously the best thing I’ve ever seen. On this week’s show we talk about how to feed your kids, hack the night shift, and learn to love eating the whole animal head to tail.

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7 Dangerous Natural and Artificial Flavors Hiding In Your Food

In this post I am going to expose the truth behind 7 common food flavoring chemicals that are used in Folgers Caramel Flavors. The ingredients include: Propylene Glycol, Acesulfame Potassium, Sodium Benzoate and much more you will want to avoid!

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Dave Asprey: Problems With Ketosis, Getting Kids to Eat Healthy, and Carb Timing For Sustained Fat-Burning

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In this week’s episode we are joined by leader in the bio-hacking movement Dave Asprey. We’re digging into the problems with ketosis—and what to do about them. Plus, how to easily feed your kids properly (yes, kids can like sushi and sardines), and the trick to tackling food cravings. Join us to learn more…

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Jeb Bush Loses 30 Pounds on Paleo Diet… And He’s Doing it Wrong!

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The word is out – Jeb Bush has lost 30 pounds since December by adopting the controversial “Paleo Diet.” Sporting a fresh new, trimmer look, he’s looking more presidential than ever. Unfortunately he is doing it all wrong, here is why…

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How to Balance Your Hormones and Burn Fat With a Good Nights Sleep

Take a second to ask yourself, “How did I sleep last night?” If the answer isn’t “Awesome!”, then this post is for you. For better or worse, we live in a culture that praises hard work and looks down on sleep. For most of us that’s a recipe for weight gain and low energy… here is how to fight back.

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