Our New App is #1 On the Charts! Get Your Veggies On…

Juicing App 14 Day Challenge

14 day juice challenge app young and raw


UPDATE: 14 Day Juice Challenge is #1 on the Charts!

Incredibly, our new app is #1 in the Apple store for the 3rd time in a row! My team and I are so happy you’re diggin’ the veggies. More recipes to come!

Thank you for the support. Really. You rock.

Get Your Veggies On

I’ve partnered with Caleb and Sheleana of Young and Raw (coming on the show soon) to launch a nifty new iPhone/iPad app to help you get your veggies in! (Have an Android? See below.)

It’s called “The 14-Day Juice Challenge.” There’s a right way to juice (hint: with veggies) and a wrong way (with sugary fruit!) – this app challenges you to get all the greens you can for 14 days. Simply follow the daily recipe and enjoy the benefits of incorporating healthy choices into your routine for you and the people you love!

Here’s how the juice challenge works…

  • You include one green juice into your daily diet by following the recipe on the app.
  • This is not a juice only fast — although some may like to do that if they please!
  • It is not a guided program, you simply follow the one recipe a day for two weeks.
  • You discover how to make different juices that will help detox your body, rejuvenate your skin, ramp up your energy, cleanse your digestive system, and boost your immunity!

The app works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. (Have an Android? We’re hoping to have a version ready for you in the next few months. Check out my bestselling Android Paleo Recipe App, Caveman Feast!)

So click this link to get your app today and start the 14-day challenge. Have fun!

14 day juice challenge young and raw


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1 comment:

  1. I added this to my daily diet and will never go back! One or two juices a day of vegetables feels incredible and has significantly increased my energy level, mental clarity and workout recovery time. In the past, I had always used a blender to blend together various vegetables and tried choking it down. That didn’t work and I stopped doing it. Juicing the vegetables instead has allowed me to consume substantially more vegetables than I could by eating alone. And each recipe in the app provides a delicious starting point. I’ve tried a number of my own combinations and haven’t had a bad one yet.

    Thanks for raising this as a part of my diet regime.

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