Alex Jamieson: Super Size Me Anniversary, 10 Years As A Vegan, And How Not To Be A Food-Freak

alex jamieson super size me

This week I’m joined by Alex Jamieson, the affable co-star of the hit documentarySuper Size Me!” If you haven’t seen it yet, dust off your VCR – you’re way behind the times! It’s a great show, and Alex doesn’t disappoint on FBM, either.

In celebration of the Super Size Me 10 year anniversary, Alex is also hosting a HUGE conference with the good folks at en*theos (I’ll be launching my course in a few weeks – en*theos does great work). Take a gander.

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On this week’s show you’ll learn:

  • How the food world has changed since “Super Size Me!”
  • The surprising result of 10+ years as a strict vegan
  • What you need to know about the human microbiome
  • How not to be a freak about food
  • And much more…

Here’s the show.

Nutrition and health will always be a moving target, you have to stay open to the possibilities to what may be true for you. Click to Tweet!

Connect with Alex:

“Super Size Me!” 10 Year Anniversary Conference with | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


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  1. Great episode, thanks! I rewatched the super-size movie and that follow-up episode on minimum wage again recently – powerful stuff. I don’t think I’ve eaten a fast food burger since 1998/9 or so; don’t miss it. I’m not sure about juice for 14 days, but I am looking forward to trying some of them. Maybe I just need to try one and I’ll be convinced to go all-in 🙂

  2. Rick Nielson says:

    Interesting interview. I’m a bit mystified by your light touch with regard to the food industry. How can you be in your position in the Food Movement and think and say publicly that there is not a concerted effort by big food to undermine our health. I don’t know if I believe you really think that. The American public endures a deadly assault daily on our health due to toxic poison unnecessarily added to our food. You obviously know this, doesn’t it piss you off? Why won’t you be more forceful and vehement about this point? Is there a backlash? Our country is swirling down the toilet health wise. Middle of the road ain’t cuttin it.

    • Wow Rick, we picked up on the same vibe. Abel states it’s all about $ for the food moguls, who may be using additives that are super cheap and super toxic; if people don’t care we’ll just throw it in there…really? Sounds insidious to me. It has become so bad that we are challenged to even grow our own food, especially if Monsanto has a cornfield nearby. I believe in approaching the issue from a well-informed, educated perspective (not that I am, but I am trying). Evidence-based research and asking the tough questions is the only way to get to the root cause of the issues. Money makes strange bedfellows and these situations create what might be termed conspiracy theory (note the lack of quotation marks). If by conspiracy theory our hosts mean critical thinking and “follow the money,” then count me in.

  3. Hi Able,

    I love your show and everything you’re doing on the planet. I listen every week. I am a nutritionist, new on the scene, and I am working to create a seminar series on a variety of health topics.

    Able, I’m writing you as I am deeply concerned about how this guest (I apologize if it wasn’t this guest, but one of your recent guests) made an off hand comment about how geo-engineering is a bunch of non-sense. Having a background in engineering, I very much understand that stigma around the conspiracy and everything that is going around the web these days. We all must be very selective in what we believe. However; I must insist that you, as a leader in health and food quality, take a serious look at this issue. I have included a link, one of many in the rabbit hole.

    Able, please understand that I am not a radicle. I don’t hold the belief that there are people ‘out to get us’, and I do think that the power that each one of us has is substantial. But I must say, to completely ignore these issues, the whistle blowers and the science used to prove that this is, in fact, happening out side out back doors is negligent and can be detrimental. I love your show and I so support everything you do I just hate to hear an off hand, blatant comment about something your guest obviously has done no independent research into as this programs your audience, and the unseen greater reach your content makes.

    These issues are wild, and hard to believe and this is exactly why each one of use MUST be aware of the leading edge scientists and the insider whistle blowers that are trying to bring clarity to this massive problem.

    Again, thank you very much for your time and energy. You are a great leader and teacher.

    Best regards,


  4. I love this episode for many reasons, but the part that really hit home for me was when Alex described “coming out” as a a non-vegan. I listened to many fellow fitness folks discuss how their eating habits, in public, come until tight scrutiny.. All eyes are on us and it can suck the fun out of a dinner out with friends/family. In light of that, I’m not shocked at the responses from her followers when she mentioned coming to the dark side (we have cookies) and eating eggs and fish..

    I recently saw this posted on Facebook and couldn’t agree more..

    “When talking to colleagues in the fitness field, first determine whether they are zealots or seekers of truth. Whereas truth seekers are open-minded and appreciate evidence, zealots are fanatics that will defend their preconceived ideals at all costs. I don’t waste my time with zealots, but I’ve been able to make a huge impact on truth seekers over the past five years.” Bret Contraras..

    Abel.. thank you once again for your podcast content as it has been a wonderful gift to all those who listen..
    And the cover image isn’t terrible to look at either.. Is that Winnipesaukee?

  5. I love your show. It is always informative. I, too, am looking for the right diet for myself. I have eliminated wheat from my diet since 2009 and I was feeling so much better but I still not 100%. I followed a raw vegan diet for 3 months. The first two months I felt great but the last month, I was seriously having gut issues to the point I had to visit the hospital. I am following more the paleo approach and it is working much better for me. What made sense to me or what struck me, was what Alex said about having a relationship with your body. I am finally listening to what my body is saying. I am more aware of what I am eating and how I feel and react to the food. I am doing what works best for my body. Thanks again and continue the great work! 🙂

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