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Ari Meisel: The Art of Less Doing, How to Beat an Unbeatable Disease, and Why You Should Never Do an Errand Again

Posted by | April 18, 2014 | Episodes, Featured, Interviews, Podcasts | One Comment

This Fat-Burning Man Show is with Ari Meisel, productivity monster, triathlete, and the man behind the terrific read Less Doing, More Living.

If you’ve been suffering from digestive and bowel problems, put on your party pants. This show is for you.

In 2007, Ari was diagnosed with Crohn’s, an incurable disease of the digestive tract. It’s like IBS, but it’s chronic and oftentimes debilitating. In fact, his case was so severe, it required over a dozen daily medications and several hospital visits.

One day, Ari got fed up and decided to take his health into his own hands.

Through a holistic approach, he eventually stopped all his medications, became free of any trace of the “incurable” disease, and even competed in the grueling Ironman France race in June of 2011!

Plus, he has since spoken at seminars and at a regional TED Talk about his struggle against a seemingly insurmountable opposition.

On today’s show, Ari will share with you…

  • Why exercising less can get you better results
  • How Ari beat Crohn’s — an “unbeatable” disease
  • Why you should never do another errand again
  • And much more!

Enjoy the show!



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One Comment

  • ANDRES says:

    Hi Abel, grat podcast, could you please tell me the apps the Ari spoke about, related to effective reading?
    Thanks, keep up the excellent job you’re doing.
    B Rgds,

    Andres Massott

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