Big Fat Mistakes: E-Course Part 1

Big Fat Mistake 1:

These 4 So-Called “Healthy” Foods Make You Store Fat

Perhaps you think that the foods you are eating – such as whole wheat, corn, canola oil, and soy – are healthy because they have been dubbed as such by conventional wisdom (and the commercials tell you so).

But here’s the truth: these foods aren’t healthy; they make you flabby, inflamed, and sick.

If you have been gaining weight on a low-fat, high-grain diet, stop blaming yourself. It is the absence of adequate protein and fat combined with a high amount of carbohydrates that is actually causing you to be overweight. (Don’t believe me? See my before and after shots here.)

Before the industrial revolution, humans have historically consumed approximately 80,000 different species of edible plants, animals, and fungi, and 3,000 of those have been widespread foods of the human diet.

Not anymore… Are you ready for this?

Today, the average adult eating a modern western diet consumes approximately 67% of his/her total caloric intake from only 3 foods — CORN, SOY, AND WHEAT.

This might not be such a huge problem if these foods were healthy. But, contrary to popular belief, they’re NOT.

It’s not a surprise that we have so many intolerances and allergies, specifically to soy and wheat (and gluten intolerance)… the human digestive system was simply never meant to consume these substances (or anything else) in such MASSIVE quantities.

These preposterously high levels of corn, soy, and wheat in our modern diet is a relatively new phenomenon that originated from the economics of the multi-billion dollar corn, soy, and wheat industries. It really HAS been all about the money… NOT about our health!

So what are some of the foods you should stop eating right now because they are preventing you from burning fat?

Whole wheat (some argue that this is even worse than pure SUGAR)
Corn (When civilizations such as the Mayans and Native Americans changed their diet to a corn-based one, rates of anemia, rickets, arthritis,  and osteoporosis skyrocketed.)
Processed soy (throw it all away NOW!)
Industrial oils including canola, vegetable, corn, sunflower and safflower (watch my video about why you should put canola oil in your Mercedes, not your body below)


Why is it so unhealthy to consume the majority of our calories from these foods?

Well, the reasons could fill an entire book, so to keep it relatively brief…

  • Excessive consumption of refined corn, wheat, and their derivatives causes weight gain, blood-sugar swings, and reduced insulin sensitivity (and progression of diabetes)
  • Problems with gluten intolerance (related to heavy wheat consumption that is rampant)
  • Corn and soy are the most genetically modified crops
  • Many of the pesticide and herbicide residues in these crops are xenoestrogens, which increase “stubborn” belly fat
  • Soy products and derivatives contain phytoestrogens… which creates an environment in your body for fat storage, carcinogenic effects, and even “man boobs”
  • Feeding corn and soy to animals reduces the health and nutritional benefits (and micronutrient levels) of those animal products

So how do you avoid all the absurd amount of soy, corn, and wheat in our food supply, and take control of your weight and your health?

  1. Stop buying processed foods! They are NOT good for you regardless of what the label tells you. Choose only 1-ingredient foods such as fruits, veggies,  eggs (free roaming), nuts, seeds, and meats from grass-fed or free roaming animals that are raised in a humane environment. Organic and local is best.
  2. Get the majority of your carbs from fruits and veggies instead of grains.
  3. Avoid  salad dressings from the store as they almost always contain soybean oil and HFCS (instead, stir up some high-quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar with fresh black pepper – mmmm…)
  4. Reduce your cereal, bread, and pasta intake by having these foods only on “cheat days.”
  5. Make sure that your sauces don’t have high fructose corn syrup and/or industrial oils… look for sauces made with olive oil instead.

I could go on forever with more examples, but that should do the trick for now.

So with all of this said… Is my diet perfect? Definitely  not. I cheat and enjoy every second of it!

But I’d estimate that my soy/wheat/corn consumption is less than of my total caloric intake (compared to 67% for the average person). The way that I achieve this is simple. I simply do not buy corn, soy, or wheat products. This allows me to enjoy these foods when I’m dining out or at a get-together (and I certainly cheat on my “cheat day”).

Up against millions of years of our own human genetic adaptation, these food products of modern corporate agriculture and the industrial revolution that contradict our natural diet should be held in great suspicion. Indeed, not all new foods are damaging, and not all natural foods are good for you. But with the Standard American Diet making us progressively fatter and sicker, it begs the question: if something is naturally inedible, why would we be eating it at all?

And by eating what your body was designed to eat in a manner that burns fat instead of storing it, it’s straightforward and easy to become lean, muscular, and cut.

Look forward to learning about a huge diversity of delicious food that burns fat in the rest of your e-course. In the meantime…

Get Stoked,

Abel James, Fat’s Worst Enemy

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P.P.S – Please share this article with your friends and family on email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, etc… this is one of the MAJOR reasons that we are so unhealthy and overweight as a society… Don’t give in to the gigantic marketing monster that is the corn, soy, and wheat industries! Take control of your OWN health and feed yourself high quality food.


  1. Thanks for the extra help. I have slowly began to add more natural foods and cut out the empty calories and man made foods and I have stopped gaining weight and am now down 7 lbs. Slowly and healthy. So happy to see my weight go down instead of up. Thanks so much

    • Alyson Bridge says:

      That’s fantastic, Tamra! I bet it feels so good. You’ve always been one to build muscle really easily, so I bet you’ve lost more than 7lbs of fat. A lot of it is probably being replaced with muscle weight.

  2. Mood Swings says:

    Just finished E-Course Part one. Please send more. This is positive info. I think everyone can benifit from this diet.

  3. Great tips. I try to keep all grains out of my diet now, but what do you think of heirloom popcorn? If it’s non-GMO does it make a difference?
    Scary to think of the canola oil I used to eat, yuck.

    • Hi Tom, that’s a great question! Old varieties of corn have been eaten safely for thousands of years. Some people have issues with corn, but I enjoy heirloom popcorn occasionally on cheat days and enjoy every second of it. But in real butter, not canola. 🙂


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