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Abel James Wild Diet Book Tour

Wild Diet Book Tour – Updates, Podcasts, and The Other Side Of The Microphone

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Check out the latest list of podcasts I have been a guest on over the last few weeks on The Wild Diet book tour. I love being a guest on these shows because I get my brain picked a little bit, and we end up having some really great conversations about everything from what I pack in my travel bag to what kinds of hacks I use for better sleep.

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Chaz Branham: Ketosis, Carb Backloading, and Bodybuilding

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Chaz is a man-beast, a freak of nature in all the best ways. This is a guy who entered his first bodybuilding competition, on a dare– and did ridiculously well by using a fat-based approach. He’s my good friend, a venture capitalist, a trainer, and the first person I thought of to answer your questions about burning fat fast, ketosis, and carb backloading.

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