Danny Dreyer: ChiRunning, Ultramarathon Training, And How to Run Without Your Legs

Danny Dreyer on The Fat-Burning Man Show

Today’s guest is Danny Dreyer, author of the bestselling book, ChiRunning. Years ago, ChiRunning played a critical role in encouraging me to question my relationship with movement and training, which ultimately snowballed into rethinking the way I ate as well. I don’t often go out on a limb to recommend the hundreds of books I read a year, but this is one that quite literally changed my life and I encourage you to take a read.

After a terrific week of getting coffee with listeners of the show (and a few exciting interviews with The New York Times), I’ve been thinking about you why the show has been so successful in the past year. I want to continue to bring you the best possible show that helps you reach your goals.

So I’d love to hear from you:

  • What do you LOVE about the show and FatBurningMan.com?
  • But even more importantly, what do you think we can improve? 

Please share your thoughts and feedback by commenting below this post or just reply to one of my emails. If you haven’t already, just enter your best email in the box below and respond. Thanks for your feedback!


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Onto the show with Danny. We chat about:

  • What it’s like to run without your legs.
  • Why training for high-performance can make you perform poorly
  • How to run an ultra-marathon without dying.

Here’s the show.

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  1. Jacob Bender says:

    Great episode. Danny mentions a gentleman from Ireland how is doing work that elicits the same benefits as HighAlt Training, wondering if you have any info on that gentleman, can seem to find a site or contact, but would like to look further into what he’s doing.

    Keep up the exploration

  2. I listened to this episode several months ago while training for the Nashville 1/2 marathon. I was experiencing some minor knee issues, so this episode inspired me to try it out. I’ve been following the Chi Marathon program in order to run a full marathon in Savannah, GA this November, and it’s been a HUGE blessing (and asset) for me. I’ve already shed 1:15 off my average mile, and I’m feeling great while running!

    After reading/listening to the positive benefits of HIIT and sprinting, I’m wondering if I should continue long distance running or pull the plug on it now. I really enjoy it for the time outdoors and the competition, but I want to do my body more good than harm!

    Do you think long distance running can be helpful to your body/health in the long term?

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