Dave Asprey: Bulletproof Diet, Smart Drugs, and Guacamole

Dave Asprey Bulletproof Exec

Today we have a throwback episode in honor of the Bulletproof Conference that happened this weekend in San Francisco. Back again is the king of biohacking, Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive. Bulletproof coffee has blown up, Dave’s churned out a few more books, and was even featured on CNN!

At the conference I presented a talk on How to Fast and Fuel for High Performance that was a huge hit, and the entire event was a blast! On to the show…

Abel James and Dave Asprey

Dave and Abel at PaleoFX12

In today’s show, Dave and I cover:

  • How you can improve your mental performance with smart drugs (nootropics)
  • The surprising foods Abel’s immune system does not tolerate according to the Mediator Release Test
  • Why Bulletproof Coffee is brain food
  • How the Bulletproof Diet reduces exposure to inflammatory toxins
  • And why eating sushi – with the rice – dipped in a big tub of guacamole and covered in salt is a great idea

Sweet! Here’s the show.

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  1. Awesome show today. Living in the Bay Area, I have heard about Dave Asprey before, but the podcast today was amazing. What I would give to sit down and pick that man’s brain for an hour, and I kinda got to by listening to your podcast today. Thanks for the amazing work you do and all the inspirational guests and ideas you explore.

  2. Hi Abel,

    Had a quick question, any suggestions on where can I found out about where to have a Mediator Release Test done in my local area?


  3. Hi Abel! First, let me say I love your show and have listened to every one of them. I listen to a lot of podcasts and yours is at the top of my list.

    I just listened to the latest show with Dave Asprey. Here’s the one thing I’d like to say about it. Perhaps you’re (both) placing too much faith in the accuracy and meaning of the food tolerance test. I’ve become very skeptical of those tests after hearing Chris Kresser’s take on them. Here’s a transcript of a show where he addresses this question (search for the paragraph starting with “As far as food intolerance testing goes”):


    I think Chris makes some excellent points there. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this if you get a chance.

    Thanks, and please keep up the great work!

  4. Chuck Hazzard says:

    I would not put a lot of stock in the LEAP test. You could get tests from their competitors and likely would see different results. I have read this over and over. The tests make sense, but I think you are better off using an elimination diet.

  5. Hi Abel –

    What was the name of the smart drug that Dave was talking about that made colors brighter…provita? Where can I buy it?


  6. Hi Abel,

    I like the idea of doing a protein fast with Bulletproof Coffee. How much bulletproof coffee do you consume during a protein fast? How long is your fast? How many times a week or time period do you do these fasts?


  7. Hey Abel,
    Since I’ve been following you and your ilk, I’ve heard a lot about nootropics and various protocols. I’m very interested and was wondering if you could suggest regimen involving the main supplements you use. From what I’ve read there seem to be three or four main members of the Racetams family and I was thinking of starting them one at a time and slowly adding and subtracting to find the best combination for me. Are there others outside of the Racetams family that you recommend excluding Modafinil?

    Thanks for making a differance,


  8. here you go. a rehashing of a talk with the classic huckster extraordinaire.
    Go ahead – only this man sells pure coffee in the entire planet. This dude is so dishonest that he cannot even sell organic. he has invented a word “passive organic” to describe his coffee because it costs him money to get organic and also because the cat would get out of the bag if his substandard coffee was reallly tested. So he has invented a story about the “small village that pracitses “passive organic” methods to produce the purest coffee in the planet.
    ANd yes, go ahead, only HIS MCT OIL is good. And only his personal labeled vitamins are good (by the way these vitamins are like the hundreds of other personal labels propping up on the internet, mass produced with cheap ingredients bought from alibaba.com.

    • Tammy,

      Well stated. More of the same BS.

      Is “Bulletproof Coffee” All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

      Here’s an entertaining podcast:

      Evil Sugar Radio

      Also, check-out Matt Stone:

      180 Degree Health


    • I think it’s important to keep in mind that Abel and Dave are very close personal friends, so Abel’s view of his work is much different and more intimate than yours. Abel uses Dave’s products as well.

      • “I think it’s important to keep in mind that Abel and Dave are very close personal friends”

        All the more reason to be skeptical of claims from either.

        Tammy and Victor make good points.

      • And your point is, Peter Nesbitt? Yes they are close friends. And so is “monk of secret order”, “mail order certificate Doctor” “Tai Chi secret gong master” Pedrum Shojai, and many many other overnight “experts” who are great at singing their (and each others’) praises and cross promoting each others’ products. Most of them do not have the adequate training or the knowledge – but the are all experts in promoting themselves.

  9. Well, there are likeable snake oil salesmen too. That does not make them right. This whole farce needs to stop. People have been living for generations without this BS. Just another way to cheat people out of their money, but I guess if the banks can do it on a much larger scale, why can’t these little hucksters get their share as well? The only take away is “Buyer Beware”

  10. Thanks so much for resharing this episode. I always feel uplifted by both of you guys.

    As a middle-eastern sometime beekeeper who practically lives on coconut, I really felt your pain around that olive/honey/coconut trifecta of reactions. I’d love to hear how you’re faring with all that a year on from the tests, and how you integrated the test results into your life and diet. Actually, I was a bit surprised that Dave said the tests are a good idea–so often I’ve heard it said that if you’re eating a lot of something you’ll likely show up reactive to it as false positive.
    I have celiac and can’t handle dairy, and have lots of leaky gut issues. I know I’m allergic to bell peppers and kidney beans because of the horrible results if I eat them, but when I get runny noses after eating, etc., I find myself wishing there was a good way to know what else to avoid. (I almost never eat any grains or legumes, and I hardly ever eat any animal products either…)

    If you care to share more of your experience post-allergy testing, I’d sure love to hear it.

  11. Aloha Abel, I just got done listening to a couple of your podcast. Particularly the ones with Dave Aspery and another with Gary Collins. You and Dave talk about aniracetam, taking into consideration that Gary says a lot of companies aren’t reputable, what aniracetam do you take and what is a company you recommend? Mahalo

  12. Angie Marchena says:

    Hello, I’m interested in making the fatty coffee. I would like to know specifically what full fat coconut milk you use and coconut oil. Thank you in advance.

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