David Garcia, How to Lose 165 Pounds and Keep Them Off

David Loses 165 Pounds with Richard Simmons

Today’s show is with David Garcia, the blogger behind KeepItUpDavid.com, a protege of Richard Simmons, and one of the “slim” few who has not only lost 165 pounds but kept them off for over 2 years.

And – get this – David was actually the first guest ever on The Fat-Burning Man Show. It was a pleasure to reconnect and hear that David is finding new ways to keep himself entertained, motivated, and happy.

What Losing 165 Pounds Looks Like

To put David’s accomplishment into perspective, David shed my entire bodyweight.

All of the space and mass that I occupy in this universe was lost from David’s frame. For you visual learners, losing 165 pounds looks like this:

What Losing 165 Pounds Looks Like

But shedding weight is the “easy” part… Keeping it off that requires just as much effort without the incremental payoffs of steadily losing. That’s one of the main reasons why 97% of people fail to maintain long-term weight loss. But David’s doing it!

How, you ask?

Listen to the show to find out!

David and I chat about:

  • Why 97% of people fail to keep the weight off, but David succeeds
  • Why you should not weigh yourself every day
  • How you can avoid falling into old habits after reaching your weight goal
  • Why Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and models experience moments when they hate their bodies
  • How it felt to be the 400 pound man on an airplane
  • What you can do to avoid steady weight gain as you age
  • And tons more…

Cool. Onto the show.

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  1. abel,
    this was one of the best of your podcasts. garcia went through what most people go through and spoke it up as it is. i really could identify myself in his words.
    well done!
    any luck with itune?
    my advice? leave the corporations and go on a open platform.
    an analogy like leave monsanto and plant your own seeds.
    keep up your good work

    • Hey Alan,
      Thanks for the kind words. David is such a sweet, honest guy with a message so many need to hear. Yes – finally – my pestering of the folks at Apple finally paid off and the show is back. You’re right about going open platform – just need to figure out the logistics!


  2. I was really moved by your story. I’ve lost 110 lbs, myself, and have kept it off for 10 years. I will tell you that I’ve had the same concerns, dreams, and fears, but they DO get better. I recently went six months without weighing myself or tracking ANYTHING and when I stepped on the scale again, I hadn’t gained or lost even one pound. With good habits, good nutrition, and plenty of time, I do believe that our body and mind will reset itself and keep you on track, naturally. Give it time, and I know you can do it!


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