Dr. Colin Champ: The Caveman Doctor, Low-Carb for Health, and Eating MORE Salt

Colin Champ MD, The Caveman Doctor

Today we’re here with someone you might know as The Caveman Doctor, but I’d say he’s the man with one of the most epic real doctor names ever, Dr. Colin Champ.

I had the pleasure of meeting Colin at the Ancestral Health Symposium a few weeks back, and after being guests together on the Underground Wellness Show, I knew we’d get along just swimmingly.

Oh, and there’s this:

Fat is King

Freaking yes!

Colin and a great dude by the name of Roger Dickerman started a podcast, Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor, which has been kicking butt. Check it out and learn some stuff.

Onto The Show

In today’s show, Dr. Champ and I cover:

  • How sweet foods may be more addictive than cocaine
  • Why bodybuilders know more about nutrition than your doctor
  • Why you should supplement with sea vegetables and kelp to optimize thyroid function
  • Why meatheads in the weight room carry less fat than people on the treadmill
  • How you can reduce your risk of cancer (and avoid manboobs) by sleeping well

Listen by pressing the PLAY BUTTON below on the right.[audio:https://traffic.libsyn.com/fatburningman/34FBMColinChamp.mp3|titles=Dr. Colin Champ the Caveman Doctor](download link)

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  1. Im intrigued by the paleo diet. I only have one question I’m a coffee addict. I need my cuban expresso in the morning. Would I have to drink this black or is adding an organic sugar going to be a problem? Or maybe even adding an almond milk for it not being so bitter? Guess that’s two questions. Thanks.
    Signed An eager paleo diet beginner ..

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