Dr. Janae Devika: Why Food Heals Better Than Drugs, and How to Trick Your Family Into Eating Veggies

On today’s show, we have Dr. Janae Devika. Janae is a Family Nurse Practitioner whose main focus is integrative healing and medical nutrition.

Practicing the healing arts for over 16 years, Janae is an experienced herbalist, massage therapist, health and wellness coach, and a holistic chef extraordinaire with her own cooking show!

Her passion is to educate and inspire people to heal their bodies while falling in love with healthy whole food.

She is the creator of Café Janae, a health and wellness company that focuses on therapeutic nutrition and stress management as primary interventions for preventing and reversing chronic disease.

On today’s Fat-Burning Man Show, Dr. Janae Devika will reveal:

  • Why real food heals better than drugs…
  • The secret to dairy-free clam chowder (eat your veggies with your veggies)…
  • How to trick your family into eating veggies…
  • 10 sneaky uses for cauliflower that will blow your mind…
  • And loads more!

Plus, she also goes into a rant about our current medical system, and what practitioners should be doing for patients and why they don’t do it. It’s fascinating stuff!

By the way, Janae is making a very special offer to our listeners. Visit CafeJanae.com and activate your free membership, she will automatically you a free recipe book containing 10 of her favorite “Veggie Power” recipes, and access to dozens of whole food recipes and video tutorials.

Enjoy the show!



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  1. Pam Sherman says:

    I was just listening to your show while walking my dog. I came home and steamed kale with veggie broth, ginger and miso.
    Put it in the blender with a bit of kerrygold and more broth- and some nutritional yeast- super duper fabulous!
    Loved this show and can’t wait for her recipe book to come out.
    Thanks for the great info!

  2. Jim Bascom says:

    Another great show! So much of her material, knowledge, recipes and approach to health are so familiar…is she your mom’s clone? Twin? Unquestionably, they are members of the same tribe. Spring has finally arrived in the Granite State soI’m off to harvest some wild dandelion greens, pigweed, milkweed shoots, and wild mushrooms all growing in our back yard. I’d like nothing more than to cook and share them with you and Alyson. Bella Luna would gladly share some of her prized organic raw chicken with Bailey, too.


    Excellent!!!!!!! love the podcasts as well as the app !!! Great Job
    I am a former Vegetarian and now following your recommendations I feel great!!!
    Thank You

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