Dr. Terry Wahls: The Wahls Protocol, How to Reverse MS, and When to Question Your Doctor

Dr Terry Wahls THe Wahls Protocol

This week’s show features the incredibly inspiring story of Dr. Terry Wahls, a soon-to-be bestselling author, researcher, and living testament to the power of healing your body with real food. A few years ago, Terry was sentenced to a tilt-recline wheelchair with progressive Multiple Sclerosis.


Today, she bikes to work, speaks all over the country, and teaches others to reverse degenerative conditions through The Wahls Protocol.

Dr. Terry Wahls

Great news – in the past few weeks, Fat-Burning Man has hit #1 in Health in more than a half dozen countries and won 3 awards for best podcast with nearly half a million downloads every month. Having a platform like this important, as we recently learned, because so often the truth about health is controlled by gatekeepers.

For example, Dr. Terry Wahl’s TED talk gained over 1.5 million views making it one of the most popular episodes, was recently flagged by TED as being all of a sudden “outside of TED’s curatorial guidelines. Viewer Discretion Advised.” with a huge red warning emblazoned over the front of the video (see below).


I believe that finding real stories of how to take your health into your own hands shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why I continue to create this show. As always, Fat-Burning Man is advertising and sponsor free – no corporations censoring my message or pulling strings in the background – so you know you’re getting the truth about how you can reach your absolute highest potential using real food and cutting edge technology supported by science.

I’m also releasing a brand new video training course for free to those of you on my e-mail list. If you haven’t signed up already, please do so below get your free course (coming soon).


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Onto the show with Dr. Terry Wahls. You will learn:

  • When you should question your doctor’s advice
  • How to mentally adjust from a loss of athleticism
  • How to reverse degenerative disease using the power of real food
  • and much more..



FBM Recommends The Wahls Protocol! Grab it below.

The Wahls Protocol

Are you taking your health into your own hands? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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  1. Really excited for today’s Fat-Burning Man episode with the beautiful Dr. Terry Wahls from my home town Iowa City! Her story is truly amazing! This show is amazing, Thank you Able for continuing to make this podcast my top choice!

  2. Hi Abel,
    Great interview with Terry. I thought that her point about providing specific food guidelines is important. I agree that it’s really easy to eat “paleo” and not get all of the nutrients that are needed for health.
    I recently discovered your podcast and have been catching up on past episodes. Really enjoying them! The sound quality and production value are excellent.

  3. Hello!

    Thank you for this interview! I think Terry’s different “stages” of diet is very important. I remembered I transitioned slowly into a very strict diet, maybe over a couple of month or more, and it gives the body time to adjust. I have a friend (also with MS, as me) who started the AIP format from the get go and she is loosing too much weight, so much it is not healthy. We’ve been brainstorming, trying to think of foods that can get her weight back up without adding any grains. I suggested bananas, dried fruits, raisins and nuts mixed with coconut oil. Sweet potatoes is not a common food here and my friend thought her walking got a little worse after adding white potatoes to her diet so she’d rather not.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  4. As I listen to the various speakers you present I am beginning to see that there is no one paleo diet that fits everyone. Paleo diet takes various forms depending on one’s specific body and health needs.It appears that the paleo diet is a basic place to start. I am learning a lot.

  5. Thanks so much for putting the truth out there, Abel. This was an absolutely incredible interview and thanks for posting Dr Wahl’s presentation from TEDx. I’m still trying to get over how far western society has come from a genuinely healthy diet, especially the whole eat-less-fat-and-more-grains advice from big brother that started in the seventies. I also appreciate how you shun commercial sponsorship; as you say that would cloud your message and open the door influences that could potentially color the information.
    Keep up the great work, brother.

  6. I want to encourage everybody to use the Walhls protocol. Last year I had a big very hard cyst in my breast since August, my family and friends were so worry and begged me to visit the doctor but I didn’t want to know because my sister had died from breast cancer and it was a terrible 3 year painful experience. I asked the universe to show me a natural cure for whatever was happening in my body and one day I just opened the internet and I found the Dr, Walsh Ted talk, I was fascinated and I started to eat exactly the way she suggested and in two weeks the cyst has disappeared. Then I went back to eat the way I was doing it before and guess what? Mistake, mistake, I have a terrible pain ion my right arm that looks like is a pinched nerve and again I don’t want to visit any doctor, I am ready to start to eat the wonderful 9 cups of nutrition again and I just preordered The Wahls Protocol. Thank you Dr. Terry.

  7. The Dr Wahls protocol has taught me so much. I’m also studying the blood type diet information because lectins in certain produce seem to be the key to digestive, inflammation and immunity issues, sugar grains and dairy just the tip of the iceburg. Does anyone know if Dr wahls has studied this and what her take on it is; she dosent seem to consider it. Corn, soy, potatoes for sure, but for type O cabbage!

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