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Erai Beckmann: Creator of The Future of Health Now

Posted by | July 06, 2012 | Interviews, Podcasts | 4 Comments

Hi all, Today’s show is with Erai Beckmann, a man who has spent over 2 years working on a project that has the potential to change a heck of a lot of lives: The Future of Health Now.

In a time when the wheels are falling off our health care system, preventable disease is rampant, and children are 100 pounds overweight, it is empowering to see these folks bringing together the top minds in health to find and implement solutions.

Erai Beckmann created The Future of Health Now in a quest to improve the lives of one million people every year. Let’s do it.

Erai has organized a terrific free interview series with a group of over 20 scientists, doctors, and thought leaders in health, nutrition and the world of wellness. You’ll see some familiar faces in these interviews: Tim Ferriss, Gary Taubes, Bill Phillips, Daphne Oz, and tons more.

Even more exciting (to a nerd like me) is that all the information is evidence-based. No broscience or quackery – Erai and his team created “The Future of Health Now” to disseminate solid scientific discoveries from places like NASA, Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford with a line-up of world-class health, medical and wellness authorities.

All 20 interviews are free to watch online. You can sign up to receive the interviews by clicking the link below.

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In our interview, Erai and I tackle some pretty heavy issues including:

  • The magic of epigenetics
  • The science behind the heart and brain connection
  • Why you should exercise when you feel like it (and when you don’t)
  • Bridging the gap between allopathic and naturopathic medicine
  • The benefits of a “cheat” day (p.s. – I just ate a pie!)
  • And how one goes about rewriting global health care

Whew. Here’s the show.

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More about The Future of Health Now

The Future of Health Now has the goal of helping one million people lead happier, healthier lives this year. We have assembled an online event that features the 20 greatest experts, doctors and scientists from the world of medicine, wellness, science and technology. We are empowering individuals, families and communities to make bolder and more informed decisions about their minds, bodies and health to ensure a future that is vibrant and healthy.

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