George Bryant: Caveman Feast Cookbook, Sous Vide, and The Perfect Turkish Get-Up

George Bryant, Author, Caveman Feast

Today is a very special show with George Bryant, creator of Civilized Caveman and (a brand-spanking new) author of Caveman Feast. Congrats George!

When I first invited George on The Fat-Burning Man Show, he convinced me to give his crock pot pulled pork a whirl. So I hopped on down to the farmers’ market, grabbed a 4 pound pork shoulder, spiced it up, and threw it in the pot.

8 hours later, I had the best pulled pork of my life. Really.

I couldn’t keep this to myself.

Despite desperate pleas from his loyal listeners and fans, George’s schedule as a full-time Marine simply didn’t allow the time to write a book. But the world needs to taste George’s cooking, so I had to help. For the past few months, my team and I have compiled, designed, organized, and edited… And we’re stoked that these cream-of-the-kitchen recipes are finally ready for you.

Check out Caveman Feast below. Happy cooking!

Caveman Feast: 200+ Paleo Recipes

In today’s show, George and I cover:

Cool. Onto the show.

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In spirit of our conversation about Turkish get ups, here George “walks the walk.” Freaking superhuman.

As a special thanks to podcast listeners, you guys get $20 off and 4 eBook and video bonuses (including free books from me) when you order in the next two weeks. Happy cooking!

Check out Caveman Feast below!

Caveman Feast

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  1. When you asked George about his favorite recipes he mentioned a specific type of Sous Vide burger, but I could not make out the audio, where can I get the recipe for it?

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