George Bryant: The Dirty Work of Creating a Cookbook, How to Bring Love Into Your Kitchen, & Paleo’s Best Recipes

This week’s guest on The Fat-Burning Man Show is probably well known to most of you.  He is an old personal friend of the mine and a leading chef and author in the Paleo movement.

George Bryant is the co-author of the wildly popular Caveman Feast eBook with myself, and together we also created the #1 Food App Caveman Feast.  Which is available for both iOS and Android right now, so check it out if you haven’t already.

Plus, George is the man behind the Civilized Cavemen Cooking blog, and has just released a brand new cookbook called Paleo Kitchen with PaleoOMG’s Juli Bauer. I tried the Creamy Seafood Risotto recipe last night and it was out of this world.

In this week’s show George takes us behind the scenes and find out what it really takes to create a world-class cookbook…

  • Why real food, and good health are still the best way to connect with your friends and family.
  • The dirty work that goes into creating a best-selling cookbook… Over 14,000 photos, and thousands of hours in the kitchen.
  • The one simple trick that will let you master any recipe you cook, and make sure it’s the tastiest version possible.
  • George shares his biggest piece of advice that let him reshape his relationship with food into a health sustaining, and a deeply fulfilling career.
  • Why the real food movement is so much bigger than just recipes and ingredients, it’s about creating a sustainable lifestyle and living a better life.
  • George explains that love, passion and trust are the most important ingredients in any kitchen and recipe.

George has teamed up with Juli Bauer from PaleOMG to create an amazing collection of over 100 brand new recipes consisting of appetizers, entrées, side dishes, and decadent desserts that are sure to reinvigorate your caveman taste buds.

Paleo Kitchen With George Bryant & Juli Bauer on The Fat burning man showClick here to learn more about Paleo Kitchen

As someone who is lucky enough to know George personally and eat his food often, I can tell you that these recipes are the absolute best in the world of Paleo.

If you have grown tired of the same old, boring gluten-free recipes, just give the recipes in Paleo Kitchen a try and primal eating will never taste the same again!

Enjoy the show!


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  1. Great interview Abel! I can’t wait to try George and Julie’s book. Keep the podcast clean, you will reach more people that way.

  2. Got my copy of The Paleo Kitchen this week. Loving it!!
    George, you truly have a talent for food – and apparently so does Juli! Every recipe I’ve tried from Civilized Caveman is awesome. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I’m always disappointed when I see the Clean tag on a podcast. It just seems like I’m getting some sanitized version of what could otherwise be presented. Plus it doesn’t seem fair to a wide range of guests. They may have a colorful way of speaking and I’d like to hear them exactly as they want to express themselves.


  4. Hey Abel

    Express yourself, regardless of how ‘clean’ that turns out. Like Cameron said previously, I don’t want to hear a watered down version of you or your guests. A few interviews in the past have come across as disingenuous as a result. Your message may reach less people, but those who do listen will benefit from the honesty.


  5. Abel, you have a great message. I would hate to think that some listeners would not tune in to hear your message because the podcast rating was “explicit”. Keep it clean.

  6. The fact that you’ve consciously kept your podcast clean shows that you respect your listeners. I value and appreciate that. I will listen regardless of your decision.

    Love the show, keep up the good work!

  7. What an incredible interview. I’m just starting down my journey of food passion. George, I couldn’t agree more about how incredible and connecting a simple meal can be. You are a great inspiration! Oh and I made the 4 layer beef and bacon casserole from The Paleo Kitchen – phenomenal! My husband actually said that dinners like that are why he married me :-D. Keep the great stuff coming you are a great role model for people like myself!

  8. Great Podcast Abel! I prefer authenticity however the reason you gave for editing yourself for iTunes is totally understandable. I would recommend staying with your current plan. Maybe a side website that lets your readers see more of the real you. You’re an awesome musician and your site is f-ing sick!… a mentor site for me in building mine.



    Let me say again: Don’t mess with success. Dig?
    From a listener who’s been with you from the beginning.
    Larry in Boston.

    Ps: also congrats on the agreed to Ally-Abel “merger.”

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