How Kurt Lost 21 Pounds In 2 Weeks & The Wild Diet Sold Out On Amazon

In case you missed it, Kurt and I won 1st place in 2 events straight out of the gate by dropping 21 pounds in 2 weeks with The Wild Diet:

Whew – my heart is still racing!

If you tuned in to watch me on Thursday night starring on ABC’s My Diet Is Better Than Yours, thanks for the support!

In case you missed it, Kurt and I won 1st place in 2 events straight out of the gate by dropping 21 pounds in 2 weeks with The Wild Diet. You can catch up on the show by watching it on Hulu or ABC Go.

In his first week eating Wild, my contestant, Kurt, won #1 in the weigh-in by losing 16 pounds in 7 days… while eating delicious foods like bacon cheeseburgers, chocolate, and even putting a hunk of grass-fed butter in his fresh-roasted coffee!!!

Not only that, Kurt dominated the competition and won #1 in the fitness challenge (designed by Kelly Ripa and Shakira’s Trainer, Anna Kaiser). Bacon for the win!

Get a recap of the first 2 episodes of My Diet Is Better Than Yours on ABC:

The next few hours at Fat-Burning Headquarters got a little crazy…

The Wild Diet became the #1 Book in Paleo and #1 Best-selling Mover and Shaker on all of Amazon…

The Wild Diet became the #1 Book in Paleo and #1 Best-selling Mover and Shaker on all of Amazon…

And then it literally sold out on Amazon (and in most bookstores)!!!

The Wild Diet by Abel James literally sold out on Amazon (and in most bookstores)!

We also hit #1 on the iTunes health charts for the 5th year in a row!

The Fat-Burning Man Show hits #1 on the iTunes health charts for the 5th year in a row!

I am humbled by the overwhelming positive response from long-time listeners, readers, and viewers. None of this would be possible without you and I sincerely appreciate you coming along for the ride!


The first time I ever saw myself on TV, I was wearing a full-body bacon costume. If you caught the premiere of My Diet is Better Than Yours on ABC last week, you got to see some of my shenanigans firsthand.

Here’s the premise of the show: 5 contestants pair up with five different wellness experts, all with vastly different approaches to weight-loss and wellness. Vegan, Paleo, Severe Portion Control, we’ve got it all.

The goal: To lose the highest percentage of body weight and complete a half-marathon.
The prize: $50,000
The twist: They can fire their trainer if they don’t like their results.

While the show is a weight loss competition, the main focus of this show is to help regular people be healthy for a lifetime. There’s no sleep-away boot-camp with 6-10 hours a day of workout out on caffeine pills (like The Biggest Loser). There’s no personal chef cooking up special meals. This is just ordinary people in their own homes, working their jobs, living their lives, following a nutrition and fitness plan that works (or maybe, doesn’t work) for them. That’s what makes this show different than just about anything I’ve seen.

In case you missed it, Kurt and I won 1st place in 2 events straight out of the gate by dropping 21 pounds in 2 weeks with The Wild Diet:

That’s one of the reasons I chose to be a part of this show (despite the obvious risks of being cast as a character on Reality TV).

Taj and Jovanka Ciares: Jovanka’s Smackdown plan is chock full of super-greens, starting Taj out with a green smoothie cleanse and then working up to a completely vegan diet. The goal was to reduce inflammation and drop the pounds with tons of veggies.

Jeff and Jay Cardiello: Jay’s “No Diet Plan” focuses on the root cause of the weight gain, rather than on food alone being the culprit. He has some pretty wacky tactics (that also make some sense), including switching to blue plates to reduce appetite and purple bed sheets to help Jeff a better night’s sleep.

Things got real when Jay had Jeff write his own obituary. #MyDietIsBetterThanYours Click To Tweet

Latasha and Carolyn Barnes: Carolyn had Latasha squatting as she picked out produce at the grocery store—all part of Carolyn’s cLean Momma Workout. While she was doing pushups on the stairs and working out while she played with her son, she was left a bit confused about what to eat and how to get in more exercise.

Jasmin and Dawn Jackson Blatner: Jasmin needed to break her cycle when it came to food, so Dawn’s Superfood Swap let Jasmin eat her favorites—but made with superfoods, like Mac n Cheese with cauliflower blended in. She did great with the plan the first week, and even got to eat a piece of cheesecake out at a restaurant. Strict portion control and lots of cardio exercise is a part of The Superfood Swap Plan.

Kurt and Abel: Of course, I used The Wild Diet principles of getting back to your roots, eating real delicious foods like grass-fed bacon burgers—along with the Wild 7 Workout—to help Kurt realize that he can shed fat while having a lot of fun on The Wild Diet. And since he’s the oldest in the group at age 47, I started him with some healing bone broth to help heal his gut, reduce inflammation, and load up on nutrients. Since Kurt has a history of surgeries and injuries after breaking his neck in a car accident, Kurt is exercising far less than the other contestants.

In case you missed it, Kurt and I won 1st place in 2 events straight out of the gate by dropping 21 pounds in 2 weeks with The Wild Diet:


That first week was a whirlwind. I went to Kurt’s house and pulled out my survival pack of snacks, which included eggs in bone broth fat, a soap dish full of grass-fed butter (for Fatty Coffee), buffalo chicken, bacon, and even dark chocolate.

I taught him how to make green smoothies, wrap his burgers in lettuce (skipping the bun), how to blend butter into his coffee, and then we hit the park where I dressed in a full bacon costume and ran a 7-Minute high intensity interval workout right alongside him.

Kurt was eating like a rockstar and he loved the foodfreshly roasted coffee with butter blended in (Fatty Coffee), big luscious salads, steak, bacon, eggs, and chocolate. I mean, who wouldn’t love this food?

SPOILER ALERT: Kurt lost 16 pounds in Week 1 to finish in first place with The Wild Diet! His blood pressure also dropped from 150/90 to 108/78!

I’m so freaking proud of Kurt. He was in a car accident 9 years ago, and after that he gained 100 pounds in a year. At age 47, he’s the oldest contestant on the show and he is proving every day that you can lose weight over 40!

After a few too many bacon jokes, Kurt and I will be friends for a lifetime.

When you bond over coffee, bacon, and chocolate, you’re friends for life. #MyDietIsBetterThanYours Click To Tweet

Meanwhile, Taj went on a green smoothie cleanse on the Smackdown. She’s a teacher, so she even started blending up enough smoothies in the morning to take to work with her. Even though her partner was not on board with going vegan, Taj decided to give the 7-day liquid diet a shot.

Jeff got blue plates from Jay, and Jay made him write his own obituary in a powerfully emotional moment. Since Jeff works an insane amount of hours (like 80 – 105 hours a week), Jay’s approach was to teach him new healthy habits.

Dawn helped Jasmin work superfoods into her favorite dishes… and to stop hiding in the pantry eating sweets. Even Jasmin’s daughter loved the cauliflower Mac n’ Cheese! Ultimately, Jasmin ate a small piece of cake out at a restaurant, but not bring sweets into the house.

Carolyn showed Latasha how to squeeze exercise into her everyday life—like doing pushups on the stairs, squats while choosing Brussels sprouts, and lunges behind the grocery cart. Latasha is a busy mom and news reporter, so she hopes this plan will help her stay on track for the long haul.

Here are the final results at weigh-in:

Contestant Starting Weight Week 1 Weight Total Pounds Lost Total % Body Weight Lost
Kurt (The Wild Diet) 352 336 -16 lb 4.55%
Jasmin (Superfood Swap) 200 191 -9 lb 4.5%
Taj (Wellness Smackdown) 213 207 -6 lb 2.82%
Jeff (No Diet) 359 349 -10 lb 2.79%
Latasha (cLean Momma Plan) 243 237 -6 lb 2.47%


When Kurt stepped on that scale, I wasn’t really nervous. I knew Kurt had worked hard and I knew what The Wild Diet could do. When the board showed Kurt lost 16 pounds and earned first place, I was pumped!

In case you missed it, Kurt and I won 1st place in 2 events straight out of the gate by dropping 16 pounds in the first week with The Wild Diet:

Every one of the contestants should feel awesome about the hard work they put in this first week. Change can be hard, but these people are going for it.


In week 2, Shaun T and the experts were joined by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, creator of AKT InMotion Workout. Anna helped create this insane challenge that had us all thinking about how much sugar the average American consumes in a lifetime.

In case you missed it, Kurt and I won 1st place in 2 events straight out of the gate by dropping 21 pounds in 2 weeks with The Wild Diet:

300 pounds of high fructose corn syrup, 150 pounds of refined white sugar, and 200 liters of soda had to be hauled in buckets and shovels and pushed in wheelbarrows to get it all thirty yards across a field into the toxic waste bins.

In case you missed it, Kurt and I won 1st place in 2 events straight out of the gate by dropping 21 pounds in 2 weeks with The Wild Diet:

Sugar was flying everywhere. The sickly sweet stench of corn syrup and soda clung to the air. Everybody’s sweating and moving and then—BAM—Jasmin wipes out. She flipped over her wheelbarrow and cut her shin. It looked pretty gnarly at the time, but she was able to walk off to the medical tent and get a butterfly bandage. But Jasmin was out of the challenge.

Meanwhile, Kurt finished #1 with a decisive victory for Team Wild Diet! He burned 414 calories in the process, bringing him that much closer to his goal of losing fat and running that half-marathon!

In case you missed it, Kurt and I won 1st place in 2 events straight out of the gate by dropping 21 pounds in 2 weeks with The Wild Diet:

In week two, I teach Kurt how to roast green coffee beans at home. He’s getting the hang of cooking and eating real food, and so far he’s loving it. He’s getting a daily cup of bone broth, an incredibly potent health food to heal your gut and nourish the body—especially as you get older. His seven minute workouts fit his busy lifestyle and are doing wonders for all his numbers. This is all fantastic!

In the other households—Jay pitches a tent in Jeff’s yard to watch Jeff’s unhealthy habits up close and personal. Dawn sets up a food-free fun party for Jasmin and her daughter to show her that you can celebrate without sweets. Taj thinks the vegan alfredo pasta is delicious… and faces off with a vegan cookie (#cookiegate). Carolyn tells Latasha’s family to stop enabling her, while Latasha wonders what exactly she should be eating to lose weight.

Here’s the final weigh-in results for Week 2:

Contestant Starting Weight Week 1 Weight Total Pounds Lost Total % Body Weight Lost
Jasmin (Superfood Swap) 200 188 -12 lb 6%
KURT (The Wild Diet) 352 331 -21 lb 5.97%
Jeff (No Diet) 359 342 -17 lb 4.74%
Latasha (cLean Momma Plan) 243 234 -9 lb 3.7%
Taj (Wellness Smackdown) 213 207 -6 lb 2.82%


Kurt lost an incredible 21 pounds in 2 weeks with The Wild Diet!

At the start of week 2, Jeff learned his blood glucose was in the pre-diabetic range. By this weigh-in, his blood glucose dropped 31 points down to normal range. Jasmin’s progress was stunted by her injury during the challenge, but her attitude remained positive and the scale kept moving in the right direction.

Latasha gained 1 ½ inches around her waist, but still lost three pounds on the cLean Mama plan and wants to make lasting changes for her health. And Taj, well, tune in next week to see if she picks a new trainer or sticks with Jovanka’s vegan Smackdown!

I can’t wait for next week’s challenge. Kurt is such an inspiration—that man is on fire! Click To Tweet


Discover how to drop fat with chocolate, bacon, and cheesecake. Plus: learn the 3 worst foods you should NEVER eat and the 7 best exercises for rapid fat loss. Click below to to claim your FREE gift ($17 value)!


So here’s the bad news. If you want the hard copy of The Wild Diet, you’ll have to wait since it’s sold-out on Amazon and in most bookstores.

But if you’re ready to start upgrading your health with The Wild Diet and you don’t want to wait, here’s some good news.

To celebrate our #1 win in the first week, we’re doing something special.

I just slashed the price of the digital version of The Wild Diet 30-Day Fat Loss System in half so you can get started instantly. Eat real food, upgrade your health, and get in the best shape of your life.

Kurt has lost 21 pounds in the first 2 weeks on The Wild Diet. His blood pressure has dropped into the healthy range, and he’s off expensive prescription medications.


There’s only one way to find out.

To celebrate our win in the first week, I’ve dropped the price of The Wild Diet online program in half to just $27.

Don’t wait. You can get everything you need to get results right now.

Get The Wild Diet Fat Loss System for 50% off…

Can’t wait to finally drop stubborn fat and take your health back? Even though The Wild Diet is sold-out on Amazon, you can get instant digital access to our Fat Loss System.

And you can get it right now for 50% off to celebrate our huge win this week.

Click here to claim your discount and get started today

Get step-by-step meal plans to burn fat, improve performance, and eat outrageously well:

Catch Episode 3 of My Diet is Better Than Yours is this Thursday (1/14) at 9:00PM Eastern / 8:00PM Central on ABC. Comment below to let us know what you think will happen next week!

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  1. Amazing job Abel! I had full confidence in you. I am still catching up on the episodes, but I will tell you I was cheering in my seat when you were telling Kurt on national television that butter and ground beef contain GOOD FATS! And the results are clearly there.

  2. Abel, This is so awesome! I’m not surprised in the least, however, because I know what eating wild has done for me. It’s really cool that you get to share your knowledge on primetime TV…and in a bacon suit, no less! I can’t wait to see Kurt’s progress from week to week. I know he must be feeling great!

  3. The wild diet works, and it was great to see the wonderful exposure on this show. Abel your positive energy shines through on TV and I hope this will help you get the word out to more people. I received your email about your show being number 1 and your book being sold out. Congratulations! You deserve it.

  4. I really wish they would focus on actually body fat % lost on these type of shows! Great job Abel! We all knew you’d keep Kurt on the right path.

  5. This is AWESOME! I was a little nervous when I heard you were doing this but it seems the emphasis really is on lifelong health and wellness. I’m so glad. You seem like a really genuine guy and you deserve all of the additional success that being apart of this show is already bringing! As a future Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, it’s so refreshing to see a REAL person promote health with a “side” of weight loss as opposed to the opposite! Keep doing your thing, Abel!

  6. Abel, that’s great. As a dietetic intern who wants to get into integrative and holistic nutrition (along with helping children) this was refreshing to see, eating real food, not starving, high intensity training, and no chronic cardio. Maybe, finally, the entire calories in/calories out tenet will be turned upside down. What you eat and when you eat it is key to long term sustainable weight loss…not chronic cardio which makes you hungrier, spikes up cortisol, puts the body into flight/fight starvation mode, and stores fat…a vicious cycle.

    I’m sure that you also have Kurt dialing in his sleep, possibly doing meditation, and working on his mobility as well!

    What’s the philosophy behind running the half marathon in the end? Being able to complete it does not mean that you are healthy in any stretch of the imagination. Have the participants had lab values (besides blood glucose) tested before the show, and will they have them tested at the end?

  7. Love this Abel! I missed episode 1, but will def be tuning in tonight. I’ve been following your work for a while now and model much of what I do with clients (myself too of course) in my practice after the principles of the Wild Diet. Keep it up, we’re all rooting for you and Kurt!!

  8. Totally rooting for YOU…and KURT…every time he steps on the scale! You can see the moment Kurt takes his shirt off that he’s lost weight in his abdomen — it gets visibly flatter each week. As the Editor of, your diet is absolutely in-line with what more and more diabetics (type 1 and type 2) are embracing in our very busy forum community. I’ve been trying to feature your podcasts more often lately! (I have type 1 myself.)

    Congrats on the awesome success so far on the show!!!

  9. Abel, love your work, and so excited that you’re now getting to spread the word through network TV in addition to the Internet. Way to go Abel and Kurt!

  10. Abel, I loved carb-loading Kurt this week with the desert party to tank the weigh-in and set him up to crush it next week. Loved it even more that he finished third (second?) in the weigh-in anyway! That’s an amazing result and if Kurt’s Wild Diet has been and will continue to be low-carb, dessert party notwithstanding, guarantees he’ll win the weigh-in next week.

    How much of his success do you contribute to Kurt’s size, former athleticism, and musculature? Do you think the Wild Diet would achieve the same results for the rest of the contestants?

    I would love to see the show concept executed as a team competition, as diets get eliminated over time and the contestants adopt others diets. It would show the value of having other people in your tribe following your healthy lifestyle. The Wild Diet would be extremely popular.

    Keep doing great work!

  11. Congratulations!

    I started watching just because I found out that you were working with someone. I have been listening to your podcast for a long time. I watch it online because we don’t have a TV. It is great to see Kurt doing so well, but I am not surprised. I also want to say that I love your attitude. Some of the “experts” are just cocky. It has been hard for me to see some of the other “experts” blame their people for not losing weight. Having to be keto to drop lbs I know that a person can follow a plan and still not be successful

    Thanks for being an awesome guy. You also remind me of my big brother 🙂

  12. Anthony Surma says:

    I just finished watching the first and last episodes using free ondemand, and I’m not surprised the Wild Diet worked so well because it’s a ketogenic diet with a focus on real food (and all diets should focus on real food to be sustainable).

    I was a little surprised that Kurt didn’t win the $50k cash prize. It was close, though. I noticed the winning diet did cut a lot of carbs… dunno if it was ketogenic, though. Who knows.

    I’d love to see a followup on these people after 1 or 2 years to see who maintained.

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