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Uses for Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Posted by | March 01, 2016 | Abel James, Paleo, The Wild Diet | 4 Comments
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Have you tried coconut oil yet?

You can use it for almost anything.

In cooking, it’s quite tasty, with a slightly sweet, light tropical flavor that adds some extra oomph to any dish.

But coconut oil does more than just grease your skillet.

Personally, I’ve used coconut oil as a facial moisturizer, deodorant, hair gel, and even to brush my dog’s teeth.

Here are a few nifty ideas from readers and listeners…

30 Unconventional Uses For Coconut Oil:

  • Use as a guitar string lubricant
  • Mix with tea tree oil and use on athlete’s foot and other fungal infections
  • Use as a mascara brush cleaner
  • Brush on your eyelashes for an eyelash strengthener
  • Mix with baking soda for a facial scrub
  • Rub into your dog’s fur as a flea treatment
  • Use to clean hands and brushes after using oil-based paints
  • Use to detail the upholstery in your car
  • Use to make homemade lip balm
  • Use to soften kidney stones
  • Use to lubricate kitchen scissors when cutting sticky foods
  • Mix with cinnamon and oatmeal to use as a facial scrub (or breakfast… or both)
  • Use to get purple lipstick out of a green rug
  • Use to heal canker sores
  • Use to fight H-pylori bacteria
  • Soothe into fingertips to prevent hangnails
  • Use as an udder balm for the cows you have in the yard
  • Feed to your dog to prevent halitosis (dog breath)
  • Use as a conditioner for your hair
  • Use in your armpits as a deodorant
  • Use to help soothe hemorrhoids
  • Rub in your skin to reduce stretch marks
  • Mix with baking soda for a natural “Goo Gone”
  • Improve oral health by swishing a tablespoon in your mouth for 20 minutes (oil pulling)
  • Use as a moisturizer
  • Soothe itchy skin or bug bites
  • Use as a natural treatment for lice
  • Relieve a sore throat
  • Use in a do-it-yourself body butter
  • Cleanse your skin and remove makeup


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What do you use coconut oil for? Share your ideas in the comments below.



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