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  1. jake3_14
    June 9, 2012

    Dan was an interesting guest — thanks for having him on. I enjoyed his approach: health zones rather than rigid prescriptions of amounts of things. The part about sleep was new information to me.

    But, I was dismayed by Abel’s disparagement of conventional foods, e.g., eggs. For many of us, eggs worth paying for — pastured, fed non-GMO corn in addition to their own foraging and hunting spoils — is out of reach. For example, in my area, Costco sells conventional eggs at 1.49/doz. Whole Foods sells eggs from “humanely raised” hens at $6.00/doz. Surfside Farms sells eggs from truly pastured hens at $7.50/doz. by CSA/subscription and at farmers markets. Should I avoid the Costco eggs that I can afford simply because they’re of lesser quality than the “real food” that Abel recommends? I think I’ll get what I can from the battery-hen eggs rather than do without.

    I wish I could afford to buy the best-quality food, but I feel disrespected, by implication, for buying the best I can afford.

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