Jimmy Moore: Nutritional Ketosis, Trashing Your Scale, and the Dark Side of Protein

Jimmy Moore Nutritional Ketosis

Joining us today is an author and the host of Livin’ La Vida Low Carb, the one and only Jimmy Moore.

We all have something to learn from Jimmy Moore. Starting off at more than 400 pounds, he lost over 100 pounds with a low-fat, high carb, calorie-restricted diet. But it didn’t stick – the weight came back with shocking efficiency.

Then he went low-carb and had great success, dropping 180+ pounds with minimal effort and misery (compared to low-fat dieting, at least). Although the weight stayed off for years, the scale continued to creep up. Low-carb stopped working, and despite countless consultations with experts in diet and fitness, very few had solutions.

Jimmy with Abel James

Jimmy with Abel and Alyson at PaleoFX

So what did Jimmy do? He kept trying. And, as he’ll remind you, he’s tried just about everything to maintain a lean, healthy lifestyle. Dabbling in the fringe? Eating butter by the stick? Egg yolks covered in cream cheese and guacamole???

Sounds like my kind of diet.

Since his first appearance on the show, Jimmy has burned off another 60+ pounds in 7 months pioneering this extremely high-fat weight loss strategy known as nutritional ketosis.

It’s working!

The Moral of the Story

We never have it all figured out. Even if a nutritional or exercise strategy seems to work for a time, optimizing your body is a lifelong journey. And everyone’s body – and journey – is unique.

Jimmy succeeds because he is extremely persistent, strong, and open to innovative solutions.

Congrats, Jimmy! We wish you all the success in the world.

Here’s the Show

In today’s show we chat about:

  • How Jimmy used nutritional ketosis to lose 60.4 pounds in 7 months
  • How eating avocados, cream cheese, and heavy cream can help you lose fat
  • How to lose weight while traveling the world
  • Why protein might actually be preventing you from burning fat


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  1. I loved what you said about how we have mirrors around us all the time and how unnatural that is and yet how it’s become a norm of everyday modern living. It’s never been pointed out to me like that before so it really an “a-ha” moment for me.

    Thanks, keep up the awesome work.

  2. Hey I listened to this podcast on my NYE Road Trip and I want to pick up one of the blood ketone monitors that Jimmy reviewed. However I’m not bright enough to find these elusory show notes. Any chance you can point me in the right direction or just tell me which one he said was more precise at low ketosis counts?

  3. Very interesting Podcast, prompting me to purchase the Ketogenic art and science of low carb nutrition for reading.. Off to look up the 12 High fat foods for ketogenics..

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