Joshua Weissman: Slim Palate, How to Lose 100 Pounds at 17, and Why Quitting Soda is So Dang Hard

We’re here this week with one of our show-listeners, 18 year-old Joshua Weissman. Joshua is the foodie behind the delicious Paleo recipes at the blog Slim Palate, and after taking control of his health and losing 100 pounds in his mid-teens, Joshua is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the Paleo movement.

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On today’s show with Joshua, you will learn:

  • The secret to sticking to your nutrition plan and dodging junk food
  • How our children are still being taught the wrong information in health class
  • Why Joshua’s “nutritionist” gave no advice about nutrition
  • Why chubby kids are the new normal (and what to do about it)
  • Why quitting soda is so dang hard
  • And how this incredible young man is changing the world with real food and cooking
Here’s the show.

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Show notes:
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  1. Would love to see transcripts of the show. Can’t spare the time to sit through videos. I know there are places out there that can do it for cheap. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Health Teacher says:

    Unfortunately, this was first episode of the show that I have been able to watch. As a health teacher, I am always looking for new information to ensure that I have the latest information for my students. I spend lots of time helping my students loose weight by matching their current diets with their goals; taking into account their daily activity level.
    I felt like this episode was dedicated to stereotyping health teachers as overweight and outdated. I assure you, that the 12 other health teachers that make up our, “learning community” are doing everything we can to meet the challenges of today’s youth. We have started before/after school programs dedicated to nutrition and fitness and have helped hundreds of students achieve their goals.
    As far as the overweight/out of shape comments are concerned. I will continue competing in triathlons plan to qualify for nationals…again. I hope this message has shed some light on the fact that people like myself have dedicated our lives to improving the lives of others.
    I look forward to more positive and motivational podcasts with a little less bashing.

    • Sorry you were disappointed with the show. I’m sure Joshua never meant to offend anyone, he is just speaking from experiencing. Thank you for spreading quality information to your students along with the rest of your Learning Community team! – Emily, FBM Team

  3. As someone who is currently struggling with losing weight I am confused. I understand that eating a low carb diet with a moderate amount of protein and high fat is a good way to get the body into a state of keytosis where insulin stops instructing fat to be stored and the body starts burning fat instead of carbs.

    What I don’t understand is how this is different from the Atkins diet which seems to preach the same principals yet it is constantly bashed by the health community as being unhealthy and is said that it’s not a long term solution.

    Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this and to those who reply to help educate me.

    • Hey Fizzle. Man I had this exact same question not too long ago. While, I’m not an expert by any stretch, I’ll let you know what I think.

      From what I’ve read of the Atkins diet, I think it is actually pretty damn sustainable, even to this day. He wrote that book in like the 70’s so its pretty remarkable how close it is to a paleo(ish) diet today. I think that people have lots of misconceptions about Dr. Atkins. The media got caught up in it being an all meat diet (which it wasn’t), and that he died of a diet-related heart attack (which wasn’t the case). Anyway, enough defending that guy. What he didn’t talk about was food quality, which Abel and other paleo folks do. Buy high quality, organic, grass-fed, low toxin food. And weather you follow Atkins or Paleo you’ll find success.

      And I just want to say that media and health communities literally bash anything and everything. Most still attack fat as being the #1 killer. But the mountains of data are proving them wrong. Stick with high quality fats, eat lots of veggies as your carb source and you’ll get there fizzle.

      • Good question Fizzle8. KurtFz definitely has some good points as well. Yes, there are some general misconceptions about Atkins’ plan. The important differentiation tends to be the focus on food quality. You’d be amazed at the changes it can bring about to your life as a whole by knowing where your food comes from!! – Emily, FBM Team

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