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Kick-Start Fat-Burning with Our Wild Strawberry “Milkshake” Recipe

This rich and creamy “milkshake” is loaded with vitamins, healthy fats, and beneficial fiber to help you power through your morning: http://bit.ly/wildsb

Nothing compares to the glory of a milkshake. But if you get a “skinny” strawberry milkshake from Smoothie King, it’ll set you back 520 calories and a whopping 102 grams of sugar.

That’s more sugar than 3 sodas!

If you’re going to drink your nutrition, let’s make it something that’s actually good for you. So instead of making an epic smoothie mistake, now you can make our Wild Strawberry Milkshake.

This rich and creamy “milkshake” is loaded with vitamins, healthy fats, and beneficial fiber to help you power through your morning. But unlike store-bought monstrosities, this Wild Diet friendly smoothie is low-carb and low-sugar.

The beets in this smoothie give it that beautiful pink color, and the strawberries and coconut milk bring those creamy milkshake-like flavors.

Fun fact about beets: Beets have been used medicinally since the days of the Ancient Romans, who recognized the colorful root as a potent aphrodisiac. Beets are high in boron which aids in the production of human sex hormones. There are naturally occurring nitrates and nitric oxide in beets which can also increase blood flow, which is code for “awesome” whether you’re a guy or a gal.

Here are a few more benefits of this tasty smoothie:

  • Strawberries are a nutrient-rich fruit packed with antioxidants including vitamin C. Strawberries are high in fiber, lower blood levels of C-reactive protein (a signal of inflammation in the body), and contain potassium, vitamin K and magnesium. Plus, the red coloring of strawberries contains anthocyanin which can boost short term memory and helps you burn stored body fat.
  • Avocado oil is a rich source of monounsaturated oleic acid (Omega 9 EFA), which lowers risk of certain types of cancer, helps to prevent autoimmune flare-ups, and speeds healing in the body. Avocado oil is also known for strengthening skin and hair, improving digestion, reducing inflammation, and helping to detoxify the body.
  • Beets are loaded with vitamins and minerals, including potassium, magnesium, fiber, phosphorous, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and beta-cyanine.
  • Spinach is a powerhouse. It’s high in niacin, zinc, protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E and K, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and manganese.

This smoothie powerhouse is packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including vitamin C, phytonutrients such as carotenoids (beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin), vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, folate, potassium, fiber and more.

Adding nutrient-dense smoothies into your Wild Diet lifestyle will help clear out free radicals, boost the immune system, help you heal from colds and flu, and keep you burning fat.

More importantly, it tastes ridiculously good.

Here’s a tip for summertime. If you have leftover smoothie, pour it into popsicle molds and freeze for a delicious and kid-friendly dessert… Strawberry popsicles!

This rich and creamy “milkshake” is loaded with vitamins, healthy fats, and beneficial fiber to help you power through your morning: http://bit.ly/wildsb

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Wild Strawberry "Milkshake"
Prep time
Total time
This rich and creamy “milkshake” is loaded with vitamins, healthy fats, and beneficial fiber to help you power through your morning.
Serves: 4
  • 8 organic strawberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 tablespoon avocado oil (or olive oil)
  • ½ cup beetroot, chopped
  • 4 large handfuls of organic spinach
  • ½ cup full-fat unsweetened canned coconut milk, shaken
  • ¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 2 handfuls of ice
  • Dash of pure stevia extract, to taste
  • Filtered water, to facilitate blending
  1. Add all the ingredients to the blender, along with enough water to facilitate blending.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Taste, and if needed add a tad more stevia to reach desired sweetness.
  4. Enjoy now, or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.
NOTE #1: If you’re already loving the little kick of roots in your drink, add a handful of beet greens, which have a little extra spice and earthiness to them.

NOTE #2: Between the beets and strawberries, there are about 11 grams of sugar in this recipe or about 3 grams of sugar per serving.


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Have you tried this Wild Strawberry “Milkshake” smoothie yet? What’s your favorite smoothie recipe? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.



  • Patrick says:

    What’s the carb count?

  • Ryan says:

    What a great recipe!

  • I haven’t tried this recipe yet. Is it okay to use coconut oil if I don’t have the avacado oil? And is it still good for me if I don’t put in the beetroot and spinach?

    • Alyson says:

      Hi Shawndra — yep, you can add coconut oil instead of avocado oil. This smoothie is a great way to sneak green leafy veggies into your diet. I highly recommend adding spinach… or you could add chopped romaine lettuce, or even mixed greens. Without the veggies it won’t be nearly as nutrient dense, but you’ll still be getting some good fat from the coconut. Bottoms up!

    • Abel James says:

      Yes, coconut oil works great, too.

  • Effie says:

    Can I use fresh avocado instead of avocado oil? if so how much?

    Can I use almond/coconut milk instead of coconut milk? I am trying to stay away from anything in a can because of the acid.

    • Abel James says:

      Yes, you can use fresh avocado – 1/4 to 1/2 would be a good amount. You can use almond and coconut milk as well… Experiment and have fun!

      • Nancy says:

        I have flax milk here- is that also okay? How about something like frozen wild blueberries? I have one of my children with a strawberry allergy. Dandelions too?

  • Heather Markham says:

    Just made it for lunch and it’s awesome! Had to improvise a bit, since I don’t have coconut milk or avocado oil, so I used virgin coconut oil and organic, unsweetened yogurt and whole milk. It tastes divine! And I don’t even like beets! (Darn things usually taste like dirt.)

  • Amy says:

    Feeling silly for asking – but I have beets in the fridge. 🙂 Are the beets raw?

    • Alyson says:

      We usually use raw beets, but you can use cooked, too. Beets lose about 25% of their folate when cooked, but you’ll still be getting lots of nutrients.

  • Aimee says:

    I made your strawberry milkshake this morning, but it was the one that is in your Wild Diet 30-Day Plan. It calls for beet greens and whatnot. I have loved everything I’ve ever made from your cookbooks…except for that. As I had feared, the beets overpowered everything and it tasted of dirt. So I added more stevia and it tasted like sweet dirt. Is this version a bit less…beety?

    • Alyson says:

      Hi Aimee, thanks for your comment! It’s great to hear you’re enjoying the recipes, and sorry about the dirt smoothie. This one (without the beet greens) should taste loads better. Let us know if you try it out and what you think.

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