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Leanne Ely: Saving Dinner, Part-Time Paleo, and How to Deal with Picky Children

Posted by | January 10, 2013 | Interviews, Paleo, Podcasts | 3 Comments

Leanne Ely Saving Dinner

Today’s show is with Leanne Ely, a New York Times bestselling author, certified nutritionist, and the creator of the Saving Dinner series. Leanne is also a bone fide expert in preparing and executing the perfect family dinner.

…It’s always a pleasure talking to a fellow food lover about how much we love food. This hour just breezes by.

In today’s show, Leanne and I cover:

  • Why duck carcass stew is delicious
  • How cooking can decrease your risk of an early death by 47%
  • How your children are less likely to do drugs, engage in promiscuous sex, or have an eating disorder when you have family dinners
  • What to do with kids who are picky eaters
  • The 70 mysterious ingredients in a McRib
  • Why kids today think that potatoes are cantaloupes
  • And tons more…

Alright, here’s the show!

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  • Ken Ring says:

    Leanne mentioned a website where you could look up local food suppliers (farmers) in your area. Do you have that handy?



  • Jessika Ellement says:

    Hey Abel – Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without your show. Thank you for continuing to provide excellent interviews, informative, entertaining, and fresh health and nutriton information . I wish I could “contribute” more to your show but i’ll keep sending donations as I can afford to :)
    I was so happy to hear Leanne’s take on the family dinner. Even though my daughter and I have busy lives, and it’s almost always just the two of us, we sit down EVERYDAY to a meal together, that we have prepared together, and sit down to a table that we have set together. I’m shocked to hear that my friends don’t have the same values. But we’re all at different points. I agree with her on so many levels. I will be following her work more closely. thank you thank you thank you.


    • Abel James says:

      Hi Jessika,
      Thank you SO much for your support! I’ll keep the shows coming as long as folks like you listen. :)

      That is wonderful to hear that you’re keeping the family dinner alive. Keep in touch and let us know how you’re doing!

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