Michelle and Keith Norris: PaleoFX, Effective Exercise, and Barbie Dolls

Keith Norris

Today we’re here with an expert in effective exercise and man who always manages to make me look like a featherweight, Keith Norris. We’re also joined by his wife, Michelle. Keith and Michelle are the organizers behind the PaleoFX conference in Austin, Texas.

PaleoFX last year was an absolute blast. I had the privilege of presenting with Keith (as well as Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Dean Dwyer, and Jack Kruse) on the “Future of Paleo” Mastermind. Looking forward to many more spirited discussions this year.

Keith Norris Abel James PaleoFX

A couple of quick announcements before we get to the show…

Firstly, the Fat-Burning Man Show is #1 in all of Health in Canada! Take that, Jillian Michaels!
Fat-Burning Man Show Number 1

Cool. In today’s show, Keith, Michelle and I cover:

  • The scoop on the highly-anticipated PaleoFX in Austin (bring your party pants)
  • How you can get a killer workout in just 15 minutes twice a week
  • Effective exercise strategies for both men and women
  • How Barbie dolls and bodybuilders ruined it for everyone
  • And TONS more…

Keith slammed a double-espresso before the show, so buckle your seat belts.

[audio:https://traffic.libsyn.com/fatburningman/37FBMKeithMichelleNorris.mp3|titles=Keith and Michelle Norris]

(download link)


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  1. Speaking of bridging the thinking/doing gap in Paleo and bringing the real food message out to MANY MORE people, what about an olive branch to John Mackey? Because whole food vegans share a lot of philosophy with Paleo folks, Mackey seems like a perfect middle-man to the masses.

    I know in the past there have been tricky encounters with the official corporate vegan outlook that comes from Whole Foods, but Mackey strikes me (I hope) as rational and open to “new ways” of addressing health. Thoughts?

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