Mira and Jayson Calton: Rich Food, Poor Food, Fat Free Fruit Juice, and Eating Green Worms

Rich Food Poor Food

Mira and Jayson Calton are authors, rockstars, and some of the first guests ever on the show. So happy to have them back.

During an unconventional honeymoon where they visited over 100 countries in search of knowledge regarding the relationship between micronutrient deficiencies and public health and disease, the explored how specific dietary patterns and lifestyle choices affect development of disease around the world.

In their new book, Rich Food, Poor Food, the Caltons tackle the dangerous waters of the modern-day supermarket. With intros from our friends Mark Sisson and Dr. William Davis, Rich Food, Poor Food is an essential tool to help us dodge the frankenfoods so we can get straight to the good stuff. Highly recommended! If you’d like to check out a free sample of their book, you can download it here.

Also, I just got news that Fat-Burning Man was just featured in WIRED Magazine in the same breath as Tim Ferriss. For a geek like me, being in WIRED is pretty much the best thing ever… Nerd nirvana. So if you haven’t read it yet, take a gander.

In today’s show we cover:

  • Why micronutrient deficiency is the most dangerous and devastating health condition of the 21st century
  • How to find the highest quality real foods in the average supermarket
  • Deceptive marketing tactics used by food manufacturures to trick you into thinking their food is healthy
  • Why fat free fruit juice is a sham
  • Why Mira is stoked to find a little green worm in her salad
  • And tons more…

Here’s the show.

(download link)

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  1. Roger Phillips says:

    Not much meat in this episode, just marketing for the book which is fine I guess. As someone who’s lived extensively in both Europe and Asia though I have to take issue with the message that only the U.S. has junk food – far from it and most people in European and Asian countries eat a ton of junky “flour+sugar” sticks. But anyway, decent show but not much information but that’s OK.

  2. During this interview you mentioned that small quality-producing farmers/ranchers struggle to make it and that no one ever just picks up the phone and says thank you…you were right and it made me find the contact info for Kalona Supernatural. I, too, LOVE their products and wanted to tell them I appreciate their love and dedication to quality and health.
    Abel, I want to add that same message to you and your team for your love and dedication to quality and health.
    It matters, your efforts matter and we are the better [& healthier] for it. Thank you.


    I eat (drink) a vitamix meal each morning containing a half a bag of spinach, some parsley, blueberries, almonds. a little apple juice and water. After hearing this program I’m concerned amount my large intake of spinach. Could someone elaborate on alcolic acid? Should I be concerned?

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