Shawn Stevenson: Reversing a Spinal Disease, Medicinal Fat-Burning Tea, & Body-Fat Shedding Secrets

I hope you’re enjoying the start of your spring. This week’s show includes a few actionable tips that might make it a lot better.

My guest this week, Shawn Stevenson is a Professional Nutritionist specializing in biochemistry and kinesiology.

Several years ago, Shawn was bed-ridden battling an “incurable” spinal disease. He’s now thriving as a physique model. This show tells you what happened in between.

On today’s Fat-Burning Man Show, Shawn Stevenson will reveal:

  • The power of tissue regeneration and the world of stem cells;
  • Speed “shredding” secrets to lose body-fast as quickly as possible;
  • Which major organs are responsible for fatloss (it’s not what you think!);
  • And so much more!

Enjoy the show, and please share it with your friends and family. Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or anywhere else you can.

Show Notes

  • Shawn’s athletic background and aspiring model at 20-years old.
  • Excruciating pain and diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.
  • Doctor exclaimed, “You have the spine of an 80-year old.”
  • Doctor gave prescription and said Shawn had to live with it.
  • Took health into his own hands and changed his nutrition.
  • Six weeks later, pain was gone and discs regenerated.
  • Stem cells are the essence of whatever our bodies need.
  • Create an environment for stem cells to do a better job.
  • Four levels of stem cells, their differences, and how they work.
  • Majority of stem cells are located in our bone marrow.
  • Our bodies are intelligent and stem cells target inflammation.
  • Create optimal conditions and get out of our bodies’ way.
  • Acidosis, calcium deficiency, and imbalances all start in the spine.
  • Belly fat is inflammation, and obesity creates imbalances.
  • Shawn stopped buying fast food and started eating real food.
  • Quantum energy, and how your thoughts influence water.
  • Food is information, and why give your body the right information.
  • Why eating low-fat and more fibre, and running more make us sicker.
  • So-called “experts” are teaching propaganda from surface studies.
  • The secret ingredient in Shawn’s spine regeneration? Aloe Vera.
  • Fibroblast cells, polysaccharide chains, and essential proteins.
  • Cellular intelligence goes up with specific foods in your body.
  • Eating vegan, and blending herbs and fats into drinks.
  • Listening to our bodies, cleansing, and biochemistry.
  • Thyroid issues, and using zeolites and bentonite clay to heal.
  • The fasting lifestyle, and freeing up our bodies to heal.
  • Losing fat by eating real food and removing food triggers.
  • Addressing organs that are responsible for fat regulation.
  • Repairing the liver damage and working on the thyroid.
  • Stress and your hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis.
  • The best exercises that burn fat without stress? Walking.
  • Lifting heavy weight and building muscle in a holistic way.
  • Sprint training is the mother of all fatloss exercises.
  • Modelling and how to create your own model for success.
  • If you’re failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.

Resources Discussed


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  1. Wow thanks for a great show! The show notes really help with the terms I didn’t catch. My mom just started having intense spinal pain which we think is a degenerative condition. The physician gave her medications, so we’re trying to work on diet/nutrition. I got her to eat gelatin, and now I’m going to suggest Aloe. I wish you guys had gone into more detail but I’m still confused about the acid/alkaline state and what other dietary changes could help besides just eliminating ‘crap foods’ and losing fat (my mom eats pretty healthy and is thin). Hoping with time and rest she’ll regenerate. Thanks again!

    • Kristi, thanks so much, I’m glad that you enjoyed the show! I would have loved to go into more detail as well, but it could have taken up 3 episodes on its own lol. Look, I know that your mom can get well, and I more than understand the pain she’s in. The first thing I would need to know is what her diet looks like REALLY.

      I’ve had an unbelievable amount of people come into my office that eat “pretty healthy” but when I do an analysis I find out that they are consuming several things that are setting off autoimmunity and lesser desired genetic programs. You can check out my podcast Episode 12 for more on reversing degeneration. So, definitely do that. And when it really boils down to it, her healing requirements are going to be different from anyone else, so the more info I can get, the easier I’ll be able to help. You can definitely contact me via my website as well and we can go from there. Wishing you all the best, and thanks for being an awesome daughter!

      • Hi Shawn! Yes I agree it would be a very individual-based solution. I listened to your show and it helped. I’ve been hanging around at your site for a while now 🙂

  2. What an amazing show! I was so impressed on the knowledge Shawn had about how food effects our body, and explained it in such away I totally understood it. My question, since I am super new to this new way of living, where do I find the types of teas, herbs etc. you were talking about? (I have been listening to Abel James for three weeks now, working on clean, paleo eating and have lost 15lbs and feel fantastic!!)

    • Hey Bethany, thank you! And props to you for taking action to take care of YOU the way that you deserve :). Of course, this is all not meant to be perfect, and you will have some bumps along the way, but staying connected with guys like Abel will help you get there more gracefully for sure. Okay, so the tea I mentioned is called Pau D’arco, and I may have mentioned Pu-erh as well. Both can be found readily at most health food stores now. Look for organic or wildcrafted if at all possible. Also, I mentioned Reishi. I like the brands Dragon Herbs, Mushroom Science, and Surthrival for my Reishi. Hope that helps, and truly, congratulations on your progress so far!

  3. Great show guys! So exciting to learn new things!
    Can you please recommend where to get good aloe to grow? Good seed company? Preferred type of aloe?
    Thank you!

    • Thank you, Francine! I usually grab my whole aloe leaves from Whole Foods Market. A lot of people don’t realize they carry them until they are actually looking for them lol. They are right there in the produce section, usually with the more “exotic” items. You can also find them online from time-to-time as well. I simply fillet the gel out and blend it into drinks. I hope that helps!

  4. I am interested in the tea. I currently drink Bulletproof coffee, but would like to incorporate the tea into my routine. I was wondering if you could give specifics on the ingredients….do you purchase powder, tea bags, mushrooms, tincture, etc? Thanks so much for the show. I love bringing information like this to my clients who suffer from ailments they believe can’t be made better!

    • Beth, you rock! Seriously. Thanks for sharing your time, energy, and gifts to help others. Ok, so this is really easy because it can be done anyway you want. I have used the whole pau d’arco herb many times and find that it has a stronger effect. You have to cook it down a little bit more than most teas because it is a bark. OR, you can simply use teabags if that suits you as well. Either/or.

      Friends of mine hunt wild reishi, but I simply buy capsules, open them up, and pour them into drinks. I’d recommend starting with a more neutral tasting medicinal mushroom like Chaga or Cordyceps first in drinks because reishi is usually quite overwhelming in taste from capsules.

      For one serving I’d add this to the blender:
      2 capsules of chaga
      1 tbsp of MCT oil
      1 tbsp of coconut oil or grass-fed butter
      3 drops of english toffee stevia
      10 ounces of Pau D’arco tea
      Blend and enjoy!

  5. Fantastic episode! Definitely worth a double-listen. Thank you both for sharing your hard-earned insight. Now I’m going to have to follow Shawn’s work, too.

  6. Really enjoyed the episode and have subscribed to Shawn’s show. Fat Burning Man kind of gives you a broad view of things and introduces you to others in the field of health and wellness while Shawn gives you more specifics on a topic and tips that you can put to work right away. The two are a great combination.

  7. Shawn, something you hit on that really resonated with me is how you have to get a handle on what is going on in your body (gut biome, stress levels, adrenals, thyroid, etc.) before jumping into exercise. I think this is something people often miss when trying to get fit. They jump straight into extremely exhausting exercise (often the wrong type, chronic cardio, etc) and are just trashing their bodies further. Thanks for the message and I just hope it continues to find more and more people out there who need it.

  8. Abel & Shawn,

    This last episode is one of my favorites (so far…) as the message really resonated with me. Matter of fact, I immediately replayed the episode and got more for it the second time around. I’m all about this tea now and can’t wait to try to create my own. Thank you !!!

  9. Abel & Shawn,

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I really can’t express my gratitude to both of you for all that you’re doing. I got turned onto Abel’s work while educating myself in trying to heal my Endometriosis and all the hormonal issues that come along with it. After hearing Shawn on this episode, I went right over to iTunes and downloaded all of his shows, too! Every day I’m learning more and more in how to treat my body and soul with the love and care it deserves. Keep up the amazing work, fellas…you’re an inspiration. xo

  10. Thank you so much for this great information! Shawn, can you point me to further info about how aloe vera helps our stem cells to do their work? I am dealing with hip and low back pain that is just not healing itself, despite my best efforts, and aloe is something I never thought to try. Abel, I love your show, and I especially love it when the show gets *mystical*!!

  11. Brycen Coffman says:

    Incredible information. I am on the journey of empowering myself so that i may empower others. With that being said, would you provide me with a list of your favorite books on the subjects discussed in this interview, as well as, books you feel are a necessity for anybody wanting to create a paradigm shift?
    You’re awesome, Shawn. I’m grateful for you and anyone whom inspire and create change.

  12. I am a House Cleaner and love it. About a week ago, after an x-ray on my back, I found out that I had moderate degenerative disk disease and arthritis of the spine. Mid – back.

    I am determined to take care of this disc issue. This show was very helpful. I’ve been putting Bentonite Clay on my back at nights and covering it with saran wrap. Helps tons. I would also like to incorporate the Aloe Vera. Can I use Aloe Vera Gel – I already have some?

    I drink tons of water. Use an Ionizer Water Machine. Reduces the molecular size of the water molecule clusters so that the water can penetrate the body better, depending on the level of water that is being introduced.

    I also eat lots of fruits and vegy’s, juice carrots and leafty greens with organic apples and celery.

    I’ll listen to this podcast again. Need to learn more about Aloe, how much to use and for how long?

    Thank you so much!!!

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