Stefani Ruper: Sexy By Nature, How to Instantly Become More Attractive and Go-Go Dancing

Stefani Ruper

Returning to the show this week is Stefani Ruper, the take-no-prisoners powerhouse behind and Sexy By Nature.

Stef also just wrote a shocking guest post that exposes the secrets of how models really slim down – 10 Ways To Look Like A Model (That You Should NEVER Try). Check it out.

This week you’ll learn:

  • A surprising concept from go-go dancing you can use to boost your sex appeal
  • Why putting on weight can make you sexier
  • A mental trick you can do right now to instantly become more attractive
  • And much more

Here we go.

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Sexy By Nature: The Whole Foods Solution to Radiant Health, Life-Long Sex Appeal, and Soaring Confidence


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  1. You’re weekly podcasts are like a shot in the arm for me. When I begin to feel discouraged, or I reach a plateau that I am having a hard time moving beyond, I listen in to one of your podcast and always feel inspired. I came upon you by happy accident and have alerted people to your show ever since!

  2. Interesting interview! Liked it a lot! Great topic!
    Abel, what is the interview you are referring to in this interview (on body-mind-visualiziation connection)? Would love to listen to it 🙂

    • So glad you enjoyed it! We’ve tried searching around for the study that was mentioned in the podcast, but no luck yet. If we do find it, we will definitely add it to the post in a link! – Emily, FBM Team

  3. this lady wrote book – seriously? talking “like in a way kind of like this …sort of”. I actually had to stop listening to the podcast – it was so distracting!
    Generally I enjoy your podcasts, and I am sure Ms Ruper has good information to share, but her manner of talking was extremely distracting; and besides – she comes across as quite insecure, so maybe she should start following her advice herself.

    • Sorry to hear your negative review. I highly recommend you check out Stefani’s blog as her writing is most excellent and extremely heartfelt. I also really enjoyed her book, and encourage others to check it out as well. Thanks for your feedback though! – Emily, FBM Team

    • I am appalled and disgusted with the negative reviews. I would be willing to bet exactly NONE of the people who had disparaging remarks would be capable of public speaking, let alone writing a book.
      No one is forcing anyone to view these videos. Keep your narcissistic, jaundiced banter to yourselves.

  4. This episode represents a record low point in the fat burning man podcast. She couldn’t articulate herself. It was really hard to follow her logic if there was any. She spent most of time saying how sexy she was and the rest saying “it’s like… I’m like… in fact…” – all kinds of distracting and empty words. If this is the way she wrote the book, I’m certainly NOT looking forward to reading it. Where did useful information and stimulating discussion go? It doesn’t help that the host agrees with the guest all the time and fail to ask critical questions.

  5. Abel, puhleeeeese stop agreeing with your guests all of the time. I couldn’t finish this one, there was practically no real information and what she had to say was poorly articulated to the point that it seemed perhaps she had not quite yet “won the game.” She seems like a nice person who’s gone through some personal struggles and somewhat of a catharsis, however that’s not enough material to make a compelling hour long podcast. This was a personal journey and frankly a bit ordinary and with an obvious message. Love yourself before you can love anybody else? Like, duh! Please bring back more medical professionals! Those podcasts are SO MUCH BETTER.

    • Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it CT. To each their own! We’ll continue looking for more medical professionals for future episodes. Thanks for the feedback. – Emily, FBM Team

  6. Hi Abel,

    I am a huge fan of your podcasts. I listen to many eg. Bulletproog Executive. butI always look forward to your weekly program.

    However, I will not rehash the other comments but I too stopped listening for all the reasons reflected in the other comments.

  7. Hi Abel,

    You mentioned a book on this podcast written by an established and well-known body builder. I was wondering if you could also offer up the title and author of this book….thanks 🙂

  8. Interview with Stefani was very hard to listen to. Her msg is one that is very needed but her delivery is very poor. If I had a dollar for every time she said “like”…. Wow! I enjoy her website, hope her speaking skills improve!
    Kudos to the fatburning man podcast for addressing the issue of body image vs. health for women. Hope to hear more on the topic.

  9. Nancy Nyhof says:

    I beleive that this may have been one of the most important topics you have addressed on the show. And yes, the human spirit and self worth are a very difficult subject to articulate. She did a great job if you can hear her beyond yourself. Thanks Abel and Miss Rupert.

  10. That was pretty rough. I couldn’t make it through the entire podcast. Five minutes of message in 40 minutes of “hmm, like, I’m hot.”

  11. This lady would not finish a sentence. “Like” “Like” “Like” …..if I had a penny for every time she said “like”. And she is an expert in what?? It is interesting that in this age of the internet, “instant experts” are born overnight. Most of them “had a disease or a condition or a psychological issue that their doctor could not help them with..” Most of them “…researched and found a cure themselves”……….Very interesting. And, sorry to say. most of them have found that being a huckster on the internet is far more lucrative than getting a job.

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