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Dean Dwyer: Make Shift Happen, The Paradox of Success, and Skipping

Back by popular demand, today’s episode of the Fat-Burning Man Show is with Mr. Dean Dwyer. My first repeat guest, Dean is a unique thought leader in our community, an unmitigated shift disturber, and a terrible juggler. Here’s proof.     We stole a little time for a terrific introspective chat on the way to […]

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Interview with Dean Dwyer of

Howdy, folks! I’m stoked to have Dean Dwyer join me today. He’s a popular blogger, rising star in the Paleo world, and one heck of a cool Canadian. Dean and I were shocked to learn that we’ll be presenting together with the Goliaths of Paleo including Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, and Jack Kruse at PaleoFX […]

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