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does the wild diet work

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Last Chance To Join The Wild Diet 30-Day Challenge and Win $3,000 in Prizes!

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When you join the Fat-Burning Tribe and get in on The Wild Diet 30-Day Challenge, you’ll not only get access to my video library, quick-start guide, step-by-step 30-day meal plan, shopping lists, and community support, you’ll also get to ask my wife Alyson and me your most pressing questions.

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We’re 6 weeks into ABC’s “My Diet Is Better Than Yours,” and The Wild Diet is dominating the competition: http://bit.ly/mdibtyrecap

Kurt Sheds 50 Pounds in 6 Weeks on ABC’s “My Diet Is Better Than Yours”

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We’re 6 weeks in to ABC’s My Diet Is Better Than Yours, and The Wild Diet is dominating the competition. Kurt has lost a total of 50 pounds in 6 weeks, is off all of his prescription medications, and has dropped significantly more body fat than any other contestant! We’re in first place, baby.

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