Dr. William Davis: Undoctored, Why Health Care Stinks & Playing Xbox on a Bicycle

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Get A FREE Gift Copy of Fat-Burning Chef for Family and Friends

Do you like delicious food? Check out this quick cartoon below!   Since we first released our collection of mouth-watering paleo/primal recipes in June, I’ve been getting loads of emails from you guys cooking up recipes from the Fat-Burning Chef eCookbook. I love hearing from you! Here are a few notes from you guys: “Thank […]

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Food For Thought: Lab-Grown Meat, Calories are All Wrong, and Why Psychedelics are Fun

Been a wild week. Here’s what’s happening around the interwebs…  1. LSD and Other Psychedelics Not Linked With Mental Health Problems, Analysis Suggests (link) Now, I’m not actually encouraging you make LSD, ‘shrooms or anything like that part of your Wild Diet. Not really critical to your biohacking regimen. But as a brain geek, this seems interesting, […]

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17 Professional Cooking Tips From The Top Kitchens In Paleo

Last week was a big one in the land of Fat-Burning Man. After working for several months with the top cooking bloggers in paleo, we released the Fat-Burning Chef Cookbook as a master collection of their finest recipes, some of which had never before been revealed. One of the most impressive things about these bloggers […]

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Chris Walker: Fat-Burning Chef, Living Without Testosterone, and Why You Shouldn’t OD on Smart Drugs

Today’s guest is Christopher Walker. He’s an elite tri-athlete, a brain geek (like me), a blogger, and (most importantly) a hot wing eating champion. Before we get to the show, if you haven’t already heard, we have a very special announcement. We just launched a huge collaborative project among people in the real-food, slow-food, Paleo-sphere called […]

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The Fat-Burning Chef is here… and You Can Win my iPad and $100 Bucks!

Click here to check out the Fat-Burning Chef and enter to win an iPad and $100 bucks! Want to hear something a little nuts? Despite hosting the Fat-Burning Man Show, blogging for years, and authoring several bestselling books on the subject, I’m not really that into fitness and nutrition. I’m just really into food. Sure, […]

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