Dr. William Davis: Undoctored, Why Health Care Stinks & Playing Xbox on a Bicycle

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fat burning scams

Myth: Agave Nectar is Healthy

Let’s face it – humans are genetically programmed to gorge on sweets until we explode. That was handy in the days when sweets were hard to come by and we were brow-beating saber tooth tigers into submission. But these days, our gluttonous predispositions do little more than encourage us to plump our bellies. Agave nectar […]

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Is Diet Soda More Fattening than Regular Soda?

Despite common wisdom, frequent consumption of diet soda (and artificial sweeteners) often leads to weight gain. …. Did I read that right? YES! The average diet soda drinker gains more weight than the average regular soda drinker. How can this be? The short answer: you can’t trick your body. When we taste something sweet, evolution […]

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6 Simple Steps To Skyrocket Fat-Burning!

Eat a protein-rich breakfast. Leptin is good for you. Being an unwavering fan of breakfast for lunch, sometimes it’s important that I often have multiple breakfasts a day. Don’t say you don’t have the time – I’ve seen a buddy suck down 5 hard boiled eggs in as many seconds. So eat your breakfast, champ. […]

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Gatorade makes you fat. Here’s what you should drink instead…

Imagine you just triumphantly returned from a jog through the scorched streets under the 100+ degree summer sun. The rubber on your shoes is so hot it’s sticking to your linoleum tiles, sweat is flying everywhere, and you’re parched. You hobble to the fridge, swing open the door, and reach for an ice cold… Coconut Water? […]

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