paleo success story

Paleo Success Story: How Andy Dropped 22 Pounds by Eating Fatty Meat

Today’s Paleo success story comes from a man by the name of Andy Fisher who ran across the Fat Burning Man Show last year, embraced the lifestyle, and hasn’t looked back. Congrats Andy! Abel’s on point message, jazz fluid style and approachable take on the paleo diet was the lifeline I was looking for and I […]

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Leanne Ely: Saving Dinner, Part-Time Paleo, and How to Deal with Picky Children

Today’s show is with Leanne Ely, a New York Times bestselling author, certified nutritionist, and the creator of the Saving Dinner series. Leanne is also a bone fide expert in preparing and executing the perfect family dinner. …It’s always a pleasure talking to a fellow food lover about how much we love food. This hour just […]

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