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Jim Kean, Founder of WellnessFX on Self-Optimization, The Outdoors, and Robots

Howdy folks, In today’s show, I’m very pleased to bring you the co-founder of WellnessFX, avid outdoorsman, and fellow Dartmouth grad, Jim Kean. Jim’s particular expertise is in human health potential, performance sports, and nutrition. He founded Sapient Health Network in 1995 which became the foundation of WebMD’s consumer health business. He has worked in […]

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Interview with Ashley Tudor, Author of “Sweet Potato Power”

I’ve been hounded by folks to get Ashley Tudor on The Fat-Burning Man Show. And now I know why. I get tons of feedback from listeners about who to have on the show next, but not often from past guests. In Ashley’s case, two past guests independently told me that there’s a lady in the […]

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