Dr. William Davis: Undoctored, Why Health Care Stinks & Playing Xbox on a Bicycle

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the musical brain

Dave Asprey: Bulletproof Diet, Smart Drugs, and Guacamole

Today we have a throwback episode in preparation for the Bulletproof Conference this weekend in San Francisco. Back again is the king of biohacking, Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive. Bulletproof coffee has blown up, Dave’s churned out a few more books, been featured on CNN, and he’s put together a biohacking conference in San Francisco.

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Abel James interviewed on the Michael Ostrolenk Show

Hi folks, In case you’re interested in hearing me on the other side of the microphone, I was interviewed on The Michael Ostrolenk Show. We cover: What it’s like to be a recovering vegetarian How The Fat-Burning Man Show got started The connection between music, language, and the brain How Abel self-published multiple bestselling books […]

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Interview with Dr. Jack Kruse: Neurosurgeon, Cold Thermogenesis, and Leptin Reset

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen… here is the much-anticipated interview with Dr. Jack Kruse: neurosurgeon, epic biohacker, cold thermogenesis guru, weight loss success story, and (in)famous Paleo rockstar. Unless you’ve been… living in a cave… you’ve noticed that Dr. Jack has recently ruffled some feathers and caused a powow in the Paleosphere. Wait, what does […]

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“The Musical Brain” is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon!

Now, this isn’t totally related to burning fat, but if you’re interested in how the brain, mind, and body works (and especially if you’re into music), I wanted to give you a heads-up that for the next 4 days, I’m giving away my new eBook on Amazon. (Note from Abel: it’s not free anymore, but the […]

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