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Paleo Success Story: How Jason Lost 48 Pounds, Eliminated Asthma, and Ditched his Manboobs

  Today’s success story is from a now svelte sales manager from Manchester, England, Jason Delvard. Those of you who have followed the traditional “healthy” low-fat, grain-filled diet and experienced fat gain, inflammation, and health problems, this one is for you. When Jason followed the conventional-wisdom-fueled weight loss advice of magazines, media, and even his […]

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Wheat-Free Success Story: How Nicole Saved Her Son from Surgery

I love getting your e-mails. I especially love e-mails like this one from Nicole. Quite honestly, this one in particular left a lump in my throat and a smile on my face. Nicole listened to my “Wheat Belly” podcast, downloaded the book, and decided to take her lovely family (pictured above) gluten, wheat, and grain-free. Then […]

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