Success Stories and Reader Feedback

I thank you all for taking the time to write to me about the successes you’ve had with The Wild Diet and the Wild Diet 30-Day Fat Loss System and for sharing your stories with others! Real food is where it’s at!

Robert Before and After 1 Month

“This is my 37th day and it friggin’ rocks!” – Robert

Hi Abel,

I am and always have been a scrawny little Filipino dude, a ‘skinny fat’ ectomorph no doubt. It wasn’t until college (and afterwards) however that I started to develop a substantial pudginess in my gut thanks to my diet of (at least) 3 cups of white rice a day (damn you, Filipino food). Since I’ve cut grains out completely, I’ve lost about 5 lbs.

This is my 37th day of living a paleo/primal lifestyle and it friggin’ rocks. While I’m still working on trimming belly fat (more on that in a second), my energy level is spectacular. That alone justifies this entire endeavor for me.

- Robert Miole


The Gluten-Free Family

“I am grateful every night when I check on my son and leave his room with tears of relief in my eyes… If I had not found your podcast my son would have ended up having a surgery that was completely unnecessary.” – Nicole


Paleo Diet Before and After

“I feel vital, full of energy every day, and super-positive. I feel like I can achieve anything.” – Jason Delvard


Wild Diet Before and After

“I lost 8 kilos (17 pounds) and my six pack is almost there. The fun thing is that I did not even focus on that. My energy is through the roof.” – Mitchel



“I’m eating like a king… and I lost 5 pounds in the first week!”

Hi Abel,
I’m very pleased with Wild Diet so far and I’m eating like a king. I can also say that this is the longest span of time that I’ve stay committed to a nutritional plan and stuck to it.After just 1 week on the Wild Diet System, I lost 5 lbs, and 1.5” off my waist. Now I’ve trimmed 2.5 inches off my waist! I even had a couple extended family members comment on how thin I was in the face. Overall, my energy level has risen, I’m waking up earlier and easier, and I’m feeling more confident.pic1-295x300
After reading the Wild Diet book, I was immediately excited to get started. Abel brought many unknown nutritional myths to the forefront and set them straight once and for all. Abel’s book is a must read as well as a great re-read every 6 weeks or so, simply to reassure yourself about your goals.

The best part about following the guides and tips in Wild Diet is the food. I’m loving bacon and eggs for breakfast and I’ve also found a new love for all types of greens.

Cheat days are also great to keep in your back pocket. Instead of planning them out, I just keep them on reserve for those meals and days when I don’t have much access to the “real food.”

I have been climbing steep mountains during hunting season in the evenings and weekends and also have been expanding a shed at my home, both of which I’m considering great exercise like you say, though not “intentional exercise” like other programs make you trudge through.

The Wild Diet isn’t and doesn’t seem like a diet… I see it more as a new paradigm in how I make my food choices. Sure fresh meat costs quite a bit more, but after you account for the money I was spending on the “bad stuff”, it all evens out. I’m also excited to have found new local farmers markets, a butcher shop with grass fed beef and other fresh meats, and local “green/whole foods” restaurants, specifically Cristina’s Café in Strasburg, and Blue Ridge Meats in Front Royal.

Thanks Abel for the information and the guidance, I’m feeling great and looking forward to the results in the upcoming months.

- Andy Simpson, Maurertown, Virginia



“This is a book that every woman (and man!) should read. I am forever a changed woman.”

Dear Abel,

I wanted to let you know that your program has changed my life forever.

I had never really been happy with my body or comfortable in a bathing suit. At one point I was so desperate to look good, I was exercising 2-3 times per day. I lost weight, but when I went to go visit my parents, the first knee-jerk thing out of my dad’s mouth was “You’re too skinny. You need to eat more.”

He had never made a comment to me about the way I looked before, besides telling me I was perfect and beautiful, so it really struck me that what I was doing was unhealthy. Sure, I had lost weight from pounding my body at the gym, but I was pale and “too skinny”. I felt frustrated and hopeless in ever achieving a fully healthy body.

I scaled back my exercise and went back to my routine of running on the treadmill for an hour every other day and eating things that I thought were good for me. As such, my body returned to its previous state of looking okay but not feeling great.

In an attempt to lose some weight with the Wild Diet System, I have not only achieved an optimal weight and toned muscles, but I have also seen the following changes in my body:

No more cellulite on the outsides of my thighs. This has been a small obsession of mine for years.

Stretch marks on my legs that I’ve had since I was a teenager are all faded and barely noticeable.

Large pores, which I’ve tried to shrink with almost every product on the market as well as laser therapy, are now shrunk! They’re beautiful. I used to be focused on just trying to get my face pores smaller, and I had accepted that my chest and back pores were just large – but now the pores all over my body are smooth. It’s like having a fresh layer of healthy new skin.

Acne, which I’ve struggled with since I was 12, on my face, chest and back is completely gone.

I have more energy. Yesterday, I woke up and ran around the house, just because I felt like doing it.

The flakiness of my scalp, which I’ve experienced since I was in 4th grade, is completely gone! Last year I finally found a shampoo that helped control this, but now I don’t even need that.

It’s interesting too, after a few months on the program I was looking at my body in the mirror and thought maybe I could trim a few more pounds. So, I just did it. Bam! 4 lbs in a couple days. It was easy. When I’m eating this way, I feel like I have complete control over my body.

Alyson Struts

I went to visit my family recently, and the first thing out of my dad’s mouth was, “There’s my gorgeous girl!” My healthy appearance is radiating from the inside out.

This is a book that every woman (and man!) should read. I’m eating the most delicious and satisfying foods on this planet and exercising for only 5-15 minutes a day. I’ve been on your program for about 6 months, and I don’t have the slightest desire to eat any other way ever again. Every time someone brings up a health or weight problem they’re struggling with, I want to sing this program to them. It feels silly that anyone is suffering with health issues when it’s so simple to get rid of them forever.

Following your Wild Diet System was the best decision I’ve ever made for my body (and maybe for my life). Thank you for all of your research and for bringing this information to me. I am forever a changed woman.

Thank you!

- Alyson Bridge, Austin, Texas



“Abel’s program makes more sense and is easier for me to follow than anything else I have tried in some thirty years. The Wild Diet System was a real life-changer for me.”

I have suffered from extreme hypoglycemia my whole life, energy levels are always a problem. Actually beyond the weight loss, the increase in energy is a huge benefit for me. I feel great!Abel’s program makes more sense and is easier for me to follow than anything else I have tried in some thirty years. The Wild Diet System was a real life-changer for me.  Even though I didn’t do any exercise aside from my morning walks, I lost at least 8 lbs. the very first week, and lost upwards of 15 lbs. in the first three weeks. I’ve noticed pants and even shirts that used to be too tight began to easily fit. Interestingly, even an old pair of shoes began to fit better than in recent years.

I loved the book, great read. It is extraordinarily comprehensive, fun, and just brilliant writing (especially given the subject matter).

I enjoy eating the foods suggested, and the more I eat that way the more I like it. It’s interesting that there are so many great food options out there that I have overlooked for my whole life. The book is perfect for garnering focus and depicting real options in terms of what is healthy and what is not.

I am thrilled with the results thus far, and the best of it is that this is something that makes perfect sense. Something I will benefit from in perpetuity. It’s simply a better “way,” and that way is easy to follow.

Thanks Abel!

- Clif Baggett, Austin, Texas



“My waist and thighs look and feel smaller, and this just gets better and better!!!”

Dear Abel,Loanna the Fat Burning Woman

I never thought I would start loving eggs, bacon, and meat!!! For me, as a woman, I think it works better if I just have a cheat meal instead of a cheat day but one thing I can say about the Wild Diet is that you’ll never go hungry on this diet!!!

I haven’t measured myself but I can really see a difference in the mirror. I have more definition and I am definitely leaner than before. I’ve been working out almost every day and feeling great, sleeping much better, and I have a lot more energy.

My waist and thighs look and feel smaller, and this just gets better and better!!!

I wanted to let you know my husband has been following it too and he has lost around 5 lbs in a week! :)

Here is a picture of me after 4 weeks of the Wild Diet System. I think Wild Diet is not just a diet but a way of living, a journey that I just started and will keep giving me awesome results with time!

Thanks so much, Abel!

- Loanna Rodriguez, Johnson City, Tennessee



Note from Abel: This is my DAD! Sometimes family can be the hardest to get on board – if he can do it, so can you!

“I said goodbye to over 20 pounds in 10 weeks, said ta ta and no thank you to my blood pressure meds, and feel better, more energetic, more alive, than I’d felt in many, many years.”

Hi Abel,

I love food and do not like being hungry. I don’t count calories and I eat as much as I want. The changes I’ve made in the past year seem minor and effortless, but the results are surprising and impressive.

The idea of dieting is dreadfully unappetizing. Instead, I’ve become very aware of what I eat and where it comes from. We eat more raw vegetables, many from our own organic garden, the rest as local and organic as possible which, we’ve found, is not difficult. We consume a lot of protein from healthy free range chickens, their eggs, organic beef, pork and dairy products (whole raw milk and real, fabulously delicious butter). We make virtually all our own yogurt and sauerkraut and eat some of each just about every day, a great way to introduce probiotics into the healthy mix which I believe is a very important component of a healthy lifestyle.

I love being fit and healthy and simply do not like many aerobic exercises. Never the less I keep quite active moving “stuff”, raking leaves, hiking and going for brisk walks. The six pack looks great on you but it’s not a high priority for me, at least not now. Maybe in the spring. Perhaps it’s because I’m a generation older than you (59 in a couple months), maybe it’s because I enjoy how good I feel the way I am.

Here’s the skinny: I said goodbye to over 20 pounds in 10 weeks, said ta ta and no thank you to my blood pressure meds (with an approving nod from my medical professional), and feel better, more energetic, more alive, than I’d felt in many, many years. In fact, a couple months ago I lost an additional 5 pounds, again, effortlessly and I began to wonder if I was somehow overdoing the whole thing and questioned if I could gain weight if I chose to. No problem. I added a few carefully selected carbs (toast in the morning, wild rice, and, gasp, an occasional baked potato with real butter and sour cream) and within a couple weeks I was back to what I consider my ideal weight. Amazing!

Keep up the great work. Your book will change the way countless people nurture themselves and, who knows, it may change the world. I hope so.

My Best,

Jim (Dad)



“You’re going to change a lot of lives.”

Hey Abel,

I started your book and I’m very impressed. I couldn’t stop reading. You explain it well and clicked well with how I understand things.

I especially liked how you wrote that most everyone will become insulin resistant later in life no matter what they were like as a teenager. I’ve always put on weight easily and always wondered what was different about the people who didn’t. It’s good to know that in the realm of insulin resistance and fat storage we are all the same and skinny people will eventually gain that spare tire.

Also you’re footnotes are golden.

I’m set to start on Monday cold turkey.

I’ve talked to my family about it and spread the word among my 7 siblings and their spouses. I’ve also been talking about it at work. They’ve already been calling me grok since I told them about the primal blueprint months ago. They’re incredibly skeptical that eating meat and vegetables will make you lose weight. I overheard some of the women yesterday counting up the calories they consumed at lunch. I’m just going to have to prove it to them and more importantly prove it to myself that this works.

I actually did that visualization exercise you talk about when I typically gloss over parts like that. I’ve never had a lean body and it’s about time I did.

- Carlos


I’m really digging the program. The green shake is my breakfast of choice. I’m lifting and doing some sprints.

I think for a lot of people who have been overweight for a good deal of their lives losing weight is a big emotional struggle too. You’ve got to have the strength to push through the setbacks. A lot of people give up not because it’s hard but because they don’t think they can do it. Your job is also self-empowerment and your program does that really well.

I like that the first thing you say on your website is that the main ingredient is YOU. There is no magic pill and there are no special gimmicks.

And most importantly, life is much more fun this way. No feeling tired and sluggish. It’s great!

Keep it up man, you’re going to change a lot of lives.


- Carlos


Mary M

I love this line: “…which can expand a thousand times in volume and can divide infinitely to form new fat cells. That’s a lot of Crisco.” Below that you have a footnote about having to eat three lbs. of carrots to equal the sugar in one Coke and I had to laugh.

When I read what you said about soy, I applauded. That is one of the few things that I fell so strongly about…that it is used and abused and causing so much damage. It is everywhere…including baby formula. And with so many women attempting to nurse, and not being able, they put the baby on formula. The baby’s system reacts…so they then put the baby on a soy formula because is it “easier to digest.” I can’t help but think that if doctors warn patients who are using hormones to avoid all soy because of its effects, that it could easily harm babies and small children. I could never jump on the soy wagon now!

Now I think I am right in line with just about everything. I don’t really have cravings or feel the need to cheat, although Friday nights are our “out to eat” night. And while I tend to stick with meat and extra veggies, I am sure they add sauces, etc. that aren’t on the plan, so I consider those my cheat meals. I know I will indulge on a birthday or holiday, but I have already noticed that things I used to LOVE no longer have the same appeal. I made cupcakes for my son’s birthday and they tasted ridiculously sweet and chemical-ly…so it wasn’t even an issue with wanting more.

I appreciate the menu ideas at the end of the book. It’s always nice to have ideas of new things to try. (I don’t think I can eat that much…it made me laugh! Although in the past, I know I could easily fill up with carbs and junk and eat more than that!).

I signed up for the newsletter and look forward to joining in the “community” once it’s up and running. I’ll give you updates! Thank you SO much!

- Mary M., North Carolina


Hi Abel,

Man, am I glad I found you! I read the entire Fat Burning Man manual as soon as I downloaded it yesterday….it makes so much sense I know it will work for me. I love your approach too….”I have done the research, the science supports this, but most of all I know it works, and I have the photos to prove it!” Awesome!

Your “cold turkey” approach to getting started inspired me to start TODAY!! No more grains. No more junk. Just real food every time I stick a fork in my mouth. :-)

And thanks for including your before and after pictures. I have an uncanny resemblance to your “before” picture, and although I may never look as great as your “after” photo, I know I can look and feel a heck of a lot better than I do now.

I am looking forward to being an active member of the Fat Burning Tribe Community when it is up and running.

Thanks again!!

Al P., Michigan


Ryan C., California

I’ve been meaning to tell you that since we talked a few weeks ago, I decided to try cutting out wheat/starch and processed crap. That stuff is not a joke. I feel better pretty much always and I’ve been pissing away the fatty bits that have been creeping on to my frame over years of desk-jockeying. Combined with crossfit workouts, which I started a month before we talked, the results have been pretty dramatic. Also my skin has become incredibly soft for some reason.

I ordered 25 lbs of grass fed beef from a local ranch; I’ve been meaning to find a way to do that ever since I visited my dad and ate the beef & bacon & raw milk from the farm down the street and realized that it was the best thing ever.

UPDATE: I’ve been using Abel’s system for the past three months and have seen results beyond what I thought possible – far more than exercise alone.

I’ve lost fat I didn’t even know I had, have more energy and feel better pretty much all the time, while eating tastier food. You owe it to yourself to try this out.


David, H., Washington, D.C.

I enjoyed your book – I have used it as more of a guide and not as a strict regime (like other programs).

I found that your program combines a lot of common sense with some interesting and new approaches to weight control. I’ve always been a big fan of vegetables but, since reading your program, I’ve started making them the focus of meals instead of the sides. A typical lunch for me (at least three days a week) is a giant bowl of kale or collard greens, which I wilt in a frying pan with olive oil/butter onions, garlic, and carrots or with a combination of olive oil, onions, lemon juice, dried cranberries, and almonds. If I have any leftover meat or chicken from dinner I will mix that in there as well; the onion/carrots mixture is especially good with taco-style ground turkey.

I’ve DEFINITELY started incorporating more nuts and seeds into my cooking and diet. I love them. I’ve also rediscovered eating raw carrots and celery, which is a cheap and easy snack.

Thanks again for your program!


David K., Texas

I lost 5 pounds in 5 days – with no exercise! Thanks Abel!


My Personal Journey

LOSING 20 POUNDS IN 40 DAYS: Before and After

“I lost 20 pounds in 40 days and gained 10 pounds of muscle.”

Dear readers,

Many diet and fitness gurus have always been skinny and fit. They never show you pictures of themselves flabby and miserable because they’ve never been that way; they don’t have before and after shots. I do – I’ve been there.

I followed a “heart-healthy,” low-fat diet for years and exercised 3 to 5 times a week. According to conventional wisdom, I should have been lean, fit, and healthy.

That wasn’t the case. I was sluggish, overweight, and had borderline hypertension.

My skin was pale and puffy, my gut was bloated, and I wanted to take a nap every day after work. I thought that my moon-shaped face and double-chin were just genetics. After all, I came from a long line of barrel-chested, big-boned, burly mountain men who loved to eat. I assumed that, as I got older, this was just the way my body changed and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

A few weeks and a six-pack later, I realized I was completely wrong.

I lost 20 pounds in 40 days with no absolutely no change in exercise. The craziest thing is that it wasn’t difficult or painful. It was fun (and delicious).

I know that this works – better than I ever would have imagined. And I want to share the truth with as many folks as I can, because if I can do it, so can you. Real food always wins.

- Abel James, Austin, Texas


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Once again, thanks so much to all of you who have written to me about your satisfaction with the Wild Diet and the 30 Day Fat-Loss System and the successes that you’ve all experienced. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and look forward to hearing more from you soon!

Talk Soon,

Abel James
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