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Vinnie Tortorich: Fitness Confidential, Why Exercise Doesn’t Work, and Why Jerry Seinfeld is Wrong about Breakfast

Vinnie Tortorich on The Fat-Burning Man Show Today we have a oft-requested guest, Mr. Vinnie Tortorich. He’s Hollywood’s go-to guy for fitness and weight loss, coined as America’s Angriest Trainer. Vinnie is also the author of the terrific book Fitness Confidential, where he debunks the myths and gimmicks of the weight loss industry.

Vinnie is hilarious – you’re going to dig this episode.

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Alright, on to the show. Vinnie and I chat about:

  • Why the fitness and weight loss industry thrives on products that don’t work
  • Why exercise is a horrible way to lose weight
  • And why Jerry Seinfeld is wrong about what he orders for breakfast



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Here’s the show.



  • @Threshold says:

    What the hell man.
    You had Vinnie talk for a whole podcast without dropping the F bomb.
    I had better not got back to Vinnie’s podcast and find out he is now no sugar no grains no swearing (#NSNGNS).
    Great show and amazed how you kept him on track.
    Great message.

  • Aly says:

    OMG – I have been laughing so much with y’all about vegan and 30 lbs of fruits! I did that lifestyle, 80/10/10 raw diet for years. before that I was vegan from age of 15, 37 now. Guess what a, my colon literally fell out, I had to have it surgically pulled back up this year. It’s been a nightmare experiance, literally horror films don’t get as scary as what I saw come out of me! Point being if you eat so much produce, and lowfat you have to eat a lot, the colon gets over worked and finally falls down. Hope you have him back, y’all were a blast.
    Btw – the beginning of the show can be summed up as “men of integrity!”

  • scott says:

    Great interview!

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