The Fat-Burning Man just hit #1 in Health on iTunes – Thank You!

We just hit #1 in health and are topping the iTunes charts across the world. I’m tearing up thinking about all each of you has done to support us in spreading truth in the world of health.

We don’t have a marketing budget, corporate connections, or any paid advertising. But we’re still wiping the floor with corporate-sponsored shows. And that’s because YOU guys rock!

THANK YOU for your support! I love you guys, and I’ll keep making shows as long as you keep listening. 🙂

Abel James Rated 1 Podcast

And check out who is number 2… Got her!!!

Abel James #1 Podcast

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  1. I made a big mistake. I queued up my first Jillian Michaels on the mp3 during a training ride. OMG… never again. It’s a kiwi’s worst nightmare… loud, an accent worse than a Sydney fishwife and worst of all, its all about Jillian. Or maybe worse, Americans adore her. Noooooooooooo………

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