Paleo 101: So What is the Paleo Diet, Anyway?

Paleo. Primal. Caveman. Hunter-Gatherer. Depending on whom you ask, these terms provoke dismissal, confusion, anger, or cult-like loyalty. They all boil down to the same general idea: that we should eat like spear-wielding cavemen…

By now you have likely gathered that I am a advocate for an approach to nutrition that is biologically appropriate for the human body. I encourage my clients to experiment with the Paleo approach to eating and lifestyle, and I am active in the Paleo and primal communities.

Can Paleo help you build muscle and lose fat? Is the Caveman diet all a bunch of bunk? Will you grow a gigantic forehead if you eat too much meat?

In today’s podcast, I’ll be discussing what exactly Paleo means today and where the movement is going in the future.

Paleo Venn Diagram

(download link)

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And here’s the slightly abbreviated YouTube slideshow.


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