Wild Diet Success Stories: Dropping Fat, Boosting Libido, & Turning Back the Clock

Learn how readers lost 42+ pounds, reduced inflammation, and reclaimed their health with The Wild Diet: http://bit.ly/beforaftr

A wacky approach to nutrition like The Wild Diet (where you get to enjoy chocolate, grass-fed steak, cheesecake, and other delicious fat-burning foods) may sound great, but you’re probably asking yourself – Does The Wild Diet really work?

Have real people dropped fat, improved their health, and increased their athletic performance? Or is The Wild Diet just something already-fit people do to get even more ripped?

Recently, a lot of you have been writing in to share your stories. Here are a few of my favorites.

These folks have lost weight, reduced body fat, and even improved their breathing by transforming their bodies with delicious real food.

The following success stories are from regular people who want to help get the word out – real food works… and there’s no looking back!


Learn how David lost over 42 pounds on The Wild Diet: http://bit.ly/beforaftr

Back in August of 2014 a mandatory health insurance screening opened my eyes: 230 lbs, 40 something percent body fat, 137/85 blood pressure, and gout.

I knew I could be in a lot better shape, but I was honestly tired of the roller coaster. Click To Tweet

I was in the Army in mid to late 90s and even then I struggled with my weight. Their answer was more physical training, forget the diet. So I went back to my old exercise routine to shed 20 lbs or so. Got back into some thinner clothes I had in the closet, drove on.

My companions were hungry and tired. My libido tanked. My work performance dragged. All my energy was put into exercise and losing weight.

Had a massive gout flare up right before Thanksgiving that rocked my back on my heals. The holidays came and went. Thinner clothes got put to the back of the closet. The weight piled back on.

In April of 2015 I saw a picture of myself at my daughter’s birthday—I was REALLY fat.

I then got some sort of bug and went to the doctor. Those scales told a new tale: 45 years old, 235 lbs, 145/97 blood pressure and my lab numbers were terrible. I got back on the diet bandwagon and hit it hard, running my tail off and dropped a few pounds in a month. I was hungry and tired, again. Burnout was around the corner.

I was going to be some 50-something desk jockey with a triple bypass and a half life.

Then I found Abel. He was making statements that were completely off the wall. I did some research. I bought The Wild Diet book in less than 48 hours. 24 hours later I had read it cover to cover.

Felt like I had been living my life with blinders on.

If Abel was right, then just about everything I knew about diet and exercise was wrong. Click To Tweet

I had led soldiers in the Army, been to the right schools and even took some nutrition classes on the side. It was all wrong. I showed my wife the book. She was shocked, too. I decided to see if this was true was to try it out for myself.

I set up my baseline measurements, started blogging my journey and stayed hungry for more information.

To say I stayed rock solid on The Wild Diet would be a lie. I stayed as true as I could. 40 Days later I was down 18.6 lbs.

Lost 1″ off my neck, hips and chest.
Lost 2″ off my waist.
My body fat percentage dropped 2.8%.
My blood pressure also dropped by 14 points.

I kept going a few more weeks and my numbers continued to drop. Not only did it work, I was not suffering for the diet. I was not tired or hungry. Also, I was not working out… at all.

My libido was back. I had more energy. I got more done at the office. I was not sitting on my butt from getting home until going to bed.

I then decided to do something drastic with a working program, I stopped.

Well really, I stopped following it to the letter. I kept processed foods out of my diet. No refined sugar. I would have a pizza with family, a burger with friends or make oatmeal on the weekends for breakfast. I stopped when I was 80% full.

I checked my weight after two months. Still sitting at 210 lbs, but I did put an inch back on my waist. No rebound, but no real progress. The tenets worked. A month ago I got back on The Wild Diet, and I got back on hard and clean. I have dropped 14 lbs, 2″ off my waist, chest and hips.

The rheumatologist asked me what pills I was taking to drop the weight and had my primary doctor put me on some blood pressure meds. I told him no.

He then said my blood work looked like another person’s and my blood pressure was 98/60! As of 10/15/15 I am 196 lbs, 27% body fat with a 39″ waist. I have not been this light or this thin in over 15 years.

Last time I had this much energy and drive I was wearing BDUs. Another point, besides a nasty case of Paleo Flu when I started, I have not been sick a day. Not one day.

I met my wife-to-be New Year’s Eve 1995. I had just returned from a deployment to Kuwait. 162 lbs, flat stomach, broad chest and very tanned. That is my goal. 162 lbs. 15% body fat.

Halfway there. I can’t make it to 162 lbs by New Years, but we were married in April the following year. I’ll be damned if I can’t hit those numbers by then.

Age: 45
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 232 lbs to 196 lbs (-36 pounds)
Neck: 17″ to 16″ (-1 inch)
Chest: 44.5″ to 41″ (-3.5 inches)
Waist: 44.5″ to 39″ (-5.5 inches)
Hips: 44.5″ to 39″ (-5.5 inches)
Body Fat%, electronic scale: 38.3% to 27% (-11.3%)
Blood Pressure: 140/90 to 98/60 (-42/-30)

– David Zachary

RECENT UPDATE from David Zachary:

I am now 189.6 lbs and dropped another inch off my waist.

Changed up the diet last week a bit and went to 10% carbs, 65% fat and 25% protein leaving the diet principles intact. Weight loss started to slow a bit so decided to give a two week “shock to the system” before Thanksgiving. Weight loss picked back up… noticeably. I am now in the unique place of looking for more healthy fats to include in my diet.

Breakfast is a fatty coffee and that is it. Went back to basics for lunch: Roasted meat, seeds/nuts and avocado. I have also incorporated a 3:00 PM snack of a whey isolate protein, some super greens, unsweetened almond milk and a splash of MCT. Leaves me plenty of room to play to supper and make things interesting.

Yesterday’s supper was a ragu of squash, zucchini and eggplant. Tonight is leaning toward curried meatballs and some extra spicy low carb veggies (probably celery, bok choy and a little carrot).

– David Zachary

David, your story sounds much like my own—an overweight desk jockey following doctor’s orders and still getting fatter and sicker. I’m so glad you took a chance on my “off the wall” approach to nutrition! Tip of the hat to you for putting it into action.

Nothing can hold you back—and I KNOW you’ll meet your goal by your anniversary in April. Congratulations!


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Learn how Maral lost 46 pounds of fat while eating Wild: http://bit.ly/beforaftr

“It’s the first time in my journey that I have started to consume fat and the weight is still coming off, yet I’m building muscle which is very impressive!”

You have to eat fat to burn fat. Nice work, Maral!


I’ve been overweight honestly almost all my life. As a kid I was overweight, had glasses and braces. Needless to say, I was not the most popular guy out there and I was not very athletic. So video games and food became my best friends.

As an adult I tried to lose weight but sadly came close and failed. My brother told me about the Fat-Burning Man podcast and Paleo. I decided that I was tired of being overweight and jumped in.

I listen to the podcast all the time and follow the principles Abel has laid out. I’m proud to report after a little over 2 months in, I’m down 31 pounds and dropping.

I promise to check in when I reach my goal. Thank you Abel!

– David Ramirez

David, keep it up, man. We’re on your team. Looking forward to your next check-in!

Identifying the source of your destructive relationship to food can be a really helpful first step. 31 pounds in two months is awesome! I can’t wait to see David’s transformation as he continues to eat clean. He’s not just losing weight, he’s changing his life.


I’m always glad to help. I hop on Twitter to share info, answer your questions, or make suggestions whenever I can. Staying connected to the people who are out there doing this is super important to me. 30 pounds in 40 days—that’s 10 pounds better than me, Brandon!

It’s amazing how eating Wild doesn’t just change your physique, it changes how you feel!

Have you ever gone “on a diet” that makes you lose too much weight?

Most people struggle to lose any weight on a typical diet… but The Wild Diet is a lifestyle that’s full of delicious foods without the dogma. That’s why it works.

When you start feeling like you’re too thin and want to bulk up, just include some “safe starches” with your evening feast a few times a week—like boiled sweet potato. Add a Wild 7 Workout and weights a couple times a week and you’ll start to see your muscles build up pretty quick.

These days, a lot of people are eating Wild to heal their bodies and reclaim their health, not just drop fat. (Remember, put your health first and fat loss will follow!)

Sugar and gluten cause inflammation in the airways and the pancreas, which can contribute to asthma attacks. Getting rid of the sugar, grains, and gluten works.

Lyme can be a debilitating disease, causing severe fatigue, joint pain, flu-like symptoms and more. Lyme can lay you out and stop your life in its tracks (just listen to my recent interview with Tim Ferriss for proof).

Tony’s back to living a normal life, and to someone suffering from Lyme, living a normal, symptom-free life is a massive victory!

Was Duncan’s cough the result of due to inflammation in the airway caused by dietary issues like refined sugar, wheat, and processed food? Capitalizing on the anti-inflammatory effects of whole, fresh foods can be the difference between thriving and surviving.

Getting rid of a constant cough has to be a huge relief. Way to go, Duncan!

I am humbled that so many of you have taken your health into your own hands and improved your health, dropped fat, and turned back the clock.

If you want to share your story, ask a question, or just drop a line, get in touch on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iTunes comments, The Tribe, blog comments, emails, and more. Why? Because we’re on a mission to change millions of lives and we can’t do it without you!

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Have you noticed improvements in your health since going Wild? Share your story in the comments below.

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  1. Amber Ingraham says:

    I love the wild diet so much because not only do you not have to work out 24-7, but there is no counting calories! Before the wild diet, I would start trying to eat right, but give up when I missed so many days of calorie counting. No more! It’s just stupid easy to follow! Another bonus I love is that I’m never hungry. Never.

  2. My favorite part of the Wild Diet? It works! I started this time last year and lost 50 lbs and have been maintaining the lowest weight I can recall for months. It’s not all about the weight either as I build strength through the 7 min workouts. I feel great and how can you argue against real food?

  3. Why do I love the Wild Diet?

    Body image is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. Stressing about EVERY.DAMN.MORSEL of food that went into my mouth was driving me insane. I’d track every bite, work out for HOURS, eat bland, tiny portions of unsatisfying foods, and I still didn’t look or feel the way I wanted to.

    The Wild Diet helped to restore my faith in my body again. It taught me how to listen to what foods worked and didn’t work for my individual body. It taught me that I could eat delicious, amazing, soul-satisfying meals WITHOUT having to track and worry about every thing I ate.

    For the first time in a long time, I felt satisfied, I felt full, I felt GOOD. On top of that I no longer obsessively worked out which meat I had MORE energy throughout the day. I have less aches and pains, acne, and inflammation.

    Weight and fat loss is great and all…but loving my body, feeding it nourishing foods that satisfy without compromising my health is truly the best benefit of all.

  4. I love the Wild Diet because it takes me back to my roots. I remember watching my grandmother cook meals and sitting down to eat with my grandparents and the rest of my family. The food she prepared back then was so similar in so many ways to many of your recipes. I sometimes feel like I’ve circled back in time and she is standing over my shoulder watching me prepare my meals and beaming with satisfaction. How did we ever get so far off track?

  5. I love the Wild Diet because it is not based on an agenda or business plan. It’s simple, research based, common-sense nutrition which is a lifestyle plan, not a “diet”. It improves health not just just lowers numbers on a scale.

  6. The best part of the Wild Diet is how you can eat such a huge variety of really good food only to end up with great healthy results in health and body composition!!

  7. What’s not to love about the Wild Diet? But, I have to say I may love green smoothies the most! When my work day starts at 7:30 a.m. (and sometimes even earlier!), and bulletproof coffee just doesn’t seem to do the trick (I don’t think caffeine or intermittent fasting and I are friends), it is nice to have something fueling me through my busy mornings. I also love the idea of starting my day out with a powerhouse of nutrition. Somehow it makes me feel accomplished. I have been enjoying transitioning from a fruit-forward smoothie to one with wild-diet-approved foods. Avocado does a great job as a thickener. So long sugary banana!

  8. I love the amazing recipes in the Wild Diet! And even though I own ans read the book, I love listening to the audio version in the car as a reminder of how to be healthy!?

  9. Love how you (and Allyson) make everything so easy and fun. You adapt everything, like if you have little or no equipment, just use what you have on hand. Been a tribe member for some time now – it’s time to get serious! SERIOUSLY!

    Thanks for all the tools like You Tubes, podcasts, music, free things, recipes, – why if I am not succeeding it’s my own.damn.fault. 🙂

  10. Abel, i have been on the wild diet for 8 months , I have lost 35 lbs, and I feel great , so much energy , and I love the bacon.my concern is I feel like every thing has stopped ? I just got over a terrible cold , and I feel like my belly is returning? I have not gone back to the bad foods and I will never go back , but should I be worried ? do you have any good advice ?

    Thank You Diana

  11. Candace Peppers says:

    I recently purchased your 2nd book and I love it so far. I love it so much that I’ve ordered the 1st book to read as well lol but I was wondering how long you should fast? There isn’t a set amount of days that you think anyone should fast and even though I don’t get hungry I sometimes get lightheaded. I just wasn’t sure how long you suggest the fasting last. Thank you for the awesome book though, I love it! By far the best out there!!!

  12. I would like to follow this diet but I have some reservations Due to a sensitivity, I can’t consume anything with caffeine in it such as coffee, tea or chocolate, chocolate chips etc. I love bacon but after eating only one slice, I wake up the next day with extremely puffy eyes. The list of ingredients on ALL of the ones available in the stores, is long and un-pronounceable. Nitrates and nitrites are implicated in cancer, I believe. Where on earth can one buy natural bacon? Isn’t it ALL cured? And isolated whey protein, mentioned in a few comments, is just a pseudonym for monosodium glutamate, a neuro-toxin. There are plenty of other foods that I could eat, of course, but is this as healthy as you say? I want to believe, as I need to lose those 10 pounds, before they become twenty.

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