Are You a Kick-Butt Science Writer? We’re Hiring!

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Hi folks,

Good news if you’re a writer looking for work, fun, and a challenge. We’re hiring!

We are looking for a ridiculously talented writer to make sure our work is well-researched, edited, and released in a timely manner.

This position is perfect for someone with serious writing chops who is eager to work in the exciting niche of Paleo, slow-food, cooking, and biohacking. Some of this work will be high-profile, and you’ll be introduced to and work with some of the top people in the field.

Projects will include:

  • Research for blog posts, articles, and features in magazines and books
  • Development of visual presentations for speaking engagements
  • E-mail and social media marketing
  • Potential for much more

This is not a typical office job. Our team is distributed across the world. You will have some flexibility around setting your own schedule. Bonus points if you’re in Austin, but you can work from anywhere you can be effective. The nature of the position requires a high level of responsiveness during the core hours of the U.S. work day, but you can feel free to distribute the bulk of your work however you choose. You must be legally allowed to work in the U.S.

Required Skills:

  • Excellent research and writing chops
  • Incredible interpersonal communication – bonus points if you’re a psychic
  • Meet deadlines no matter what – if the Zombie apocalypse happens, you’re writing about it
  • The ability to take subject ideas / bullet-points and create articles worth sharing with thousands of readers
  • Ability to write both academically and conversationally
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Quick learner
  • Familiar with WordPress and all major social media platforms

About You:

  • You’re very familiar with our show, our writing, and our philosophy
  • You believe in what we do
  • You know Paleo issues front to back
  • You’re a foodie
  • You’re interested in biohacking
  • PubMed is a place you hang out
  • You have experience writing for a job or a blog (something more serious than a hobby)
  • You have a sense of humor and your ego is in check
  • A college degree (optional, but it helps)


We’ll start at roughly $10/hour for a sample project consisting of a few articles. We can negotiate pay up based on experience, timeliness, and performance.

How to Apply

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Please send a cover letter, writing sample, resume, and 2 references. Included in your cover letter, please answer the following questions to help us understand if you will be a good fit:

  • What makes being a part of our team appealing to you?
  • What is 1 thing we could change about our writing style that would improve the message and brand of Fat-Burning Man?
  • What’s your favorite FBM show episode and why?
  • What are the key benefits and drawbacks of ketogenic fasting?

Send resume and cover letter to: helpdesk [at] Please include “Kickass Science Writer” in the subject line. The sooner the better. We look forward to hearing from you!

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