Jimmy Moore: Cholesterol Clarity, C-Reactive Protein, and Why You’ve Been Duped About Heart Health

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Today’s episode is with the always amazing Jimmy Moore, and we chat about his brand-spankin’ new book “Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL is Wrong With My Numbers?” Congrats Jimmy – this book is one of a kind and finally sets the record straight on what has become an impossibly confusing subject!

So if you’re shaking in your boots because of a higher-than normal cholesterol count, you definitely need to take a listen to this show and check out Jimmy’s book. You might be happy to hear what the good doctors say. 🙂

As you may have heard on the blog, last week I celebrated my birthday and, bar-none, it’s been the best year of my life.

After working as a desk-jockey and struggling with my own health for years – putting on fat, looking at my puffy moon-shaped face in the mirror, and living with a broken thyroid – I decided I needed to find a solution.

My doctor’s advice, “eat less and exercise more… and take these drugs, too” clearly wasn’t working despite starving myself and running 30+ miles a week.

When I stuck my nose in the research and experimented on myself like a lab rat to regain my health, I found that the secret to getting the body of your dreams is actually relatively straightforward, but there’s so much misinformation, propaganda, and nonsense out there that it’s next to impossible for most people to find the truth.

I started my blog and podcast to help as many people as possible get lean, strong, and healthy by eating delicious food, having fun, and living well.

And in between my last birthday and this one, the podcast hit #1 in health across the world with millions of listens, several of our books have become bestsellers, and with my great friend, George Bryant, our new App hit top 10 in the entire Apple store!

None of this would have been possible without you. Thanks to your support in the past year, this has become my full-time job, and I think it’s the best job in the world. It’s our goal to change millions of lives, and we’re well on our way. THANK YOU!

If there’s one thing I can ask of you for my birthday, it’s that you tell one person about this information. Spread the message that being healthy and being miserable are not at all the same thing. Our goal is to help change and improve the world, and we would so appreciate you being a part of that. Just go ahead and click share on the sidebar or forward this blog to someone you care about. Cheers!


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Alright, now on to the show. Today we talk with Jimmy about:

  • Why and how we’ve all been duped about cholesterol
  • What real doctors who are worth their salt say about measuring heart health
  • Where the silly diet/heart hypothesis came from in the first place
  • And the most important biomarker to measure if you want to avoid heart disease (it’s not cholesterol!)

Here’s the show.

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  1. LIstening to Jimmy Moore – 95% accurate, 5% disappointing bullcrap. CT-calcium scan only shows plaque that has reached a stage where calcium has deposited. You youngsters may not reach that level until your 60’s but can be loaded with fatty plaques in the arteries that don’t appear in the scan. Be smug with your “zero” score if you want.
    The canard about Ancel Keys is repeated over and over – the guy has obviously not read his papers and is just mouthing stuff he’s heard 3rd hand. Keys threw out unreliable data and only kept data where records were well founded.
    Everyone is different – for some LDL cholesterol is a very important marker.

  2. Great podcast. I loved your question ‘how does it feel when you’re hungry?’ because as a skinny person I still feel hungry at times (not in the hypoglycemic way though).
    I’m looking to seeing your lipid panel 🙂

    Best regards,


  3. Thank you so much for this podcast! I’m in my 40’s & in great health, but every year when I get my mandatory physical for work I always get scolded about my total Cholesterol. This is despite having a very high HDL (good cholesterol) & optimal triglycerides. I eat clean most of the time, work out 4-5 days a week, but the total Cholesterol still haunts me every year! Thank you for some clarity. To others out there, I recommend watching the movie called Fat Head too. 😀

  4. Hi guys!

    Awesome show! Does this device, which Jimmy showed us, measure ketone bodies in the blood and blood sugar at once? What’s the name of the brand or where can I get one of these?

  5. Since going to whole foods and higher fat my total cholesterol has gone from 185 to 284, Triglycerides from 72 to 34, and HDL from 51 to 90. This is from reference panels done in both 2008 and 2013. According to the info from the podcast and Jimmy this is good news, let’s hope so lol

  6. Great info…Thanks Able and Jimmy

    I’ve made the switch to low carb High Protein/High Fat diet about 4 months ago and dropped 25lbs. I was on a statin and stopped when I switched diet. Last May I had a total Cholesterol level of 132, HDL 32, LDL 72. Just had panel redone. and my numbers jumped. Total Cholesterol 199, HDL, 37, LDL 141.
    So I know the numbers jumped because I went off the statin. But, should I be worried that my LDLs doubled?

    What’s your thoughts…..

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