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If you want to build a healthy, strong, and lean body… one that comes from living an incredible lifestyle… then you need to learn from someone you can TRUST.

I'll be the first to tell you: The "diet and fitness" industry is a minefield and chock-full of sleazy "gurus" selling snake oil.

And with so many slick marketers trying to entice you, it's hard to know who to trust. And that's why I am showing you the numbers and real feedback from real folks.

I give away tons of free information, audio, and videos and I'm happy to improve the lives to as many people as possible whether or not they ever buy anything. But my customers get the absolute best of everything along with top-notch support. And my clients are satisfied.

While most other diet and fitness products have an absurdly high refund rate (often as high as 30–50%), my refund rate is an industry–shattering 2%, despite the fact that everything I sell comes with an iron-clad 60–day money back guarantee.

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Anyone can use high–pressured sales techniques and unethical persuasion to get someone to buy products. BUT – the real test if people are actually USING and BENEFITING from the program is how long they stay. That's the proof.

And I challenge all the "diet and fitness "gurus" programs to show their numbers! But rather than write pages and pages of hypey sales speak – here are some people who have already used my content to improve their lives.

Real people, real results. Don't be fooled by spammy fake testimonials, photoshopped before and after shots, and made–up case studies. These are 100% REAL screenshots from my Facebook fan page and iTunes.

Here's What People are Saying on Facebook

People are Saying on Facebook

Here's What People are Saying on iTunes

People are Saying on iTunes

There are plenty more… but I think you get the point…

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Who is Abel, Anyway?

If you're on this page, you probably know about me. But if not, here’s a little more… Several years ago I made a series of discoveries about nutrition, fitness, and health that changed my life.

I learned that almost everything that I thought I knew about health, nutrition, and fitness was completely wrong. After years of frustration and flab, I stopped listening to the "experts" and "gurus."

I buried my nose in the research and experimented on myself like a freaking lab rat until I found the truth. And man, it was a doozy.

Abel James

How I Lost 20 Pounds in 40 Days:
My Before and After

Before and After

Many diet and fitness “gurus” have always been skinny and fit. They never show you pictures of themselves flabby and miserable because they’ve never been that way; they don't have before and after shots.

I do – I've been there. I followed a "heart-healthy," low-fat diet for years and exercised 3 to 5 times a week.

According to conventional wisdom, I should have been lean, fit, and healthy. That wasn’t the case. I was sluggish, overweight, and had borderline hypertension. My doctor just threw pills at me and told me to "eat less and exercise more." Sound familiar? My skin was pale and puffy, my gut was bloated, and I wanted to take a nap every day after work.

I thought that my moon-shaped face and double–chin were just genetics. After all, I came from a long line of barrel-chested, big-boned, burly mountain men who loved to eat. I assumed that, as I got older, this was just the way my body changed and there wasn't anything I could do about it. A few weeks and a six–pack later, I realized I was completely wrong.

I lost 20 pounds in 40 days with no absolutely no change in exercise. The craziest thing is that it wasn't difficult or painful. It was fun (and delicious). I know that this works – better than I ever would have imagined. If I can do it, so can you.

Now I spread the truth about health with as many people as I possibly can.

Real food always wins.

Here's a bit of what I do:

  • Host of the extremely popular Fat-Burning Man Show, ranked #1 in health on iTunes in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Greece, Finland (and more)
  • Developed the #1 App in Food and Drink across the world and #6 App overall in the Apple Store in 2013
  • Author of multiple bestselling books
  • Keynote speaker for Ivy League Institutions, the Federal Government, Ancestral Health / Paleo, and Fortune 500 Companies
  • 100,000+ loyal subscribers and listeners
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But Does "The Wild Diet" Really Work?


"My waist and thighs look and feel smaller, and this just gets better and better!"


"I went from running on the treadmill 3 times a day to working out a few minutes a week and my body is more toned than ever. Best of all, I feel like I'm aging in reverse."


"I just started seeing everything on my body tone-up and the fat just melt off. Not only did it physically make me look better but it also made me feel better."


"I weighed 307 lbs. Now I am in the best shape of my life at 234 lbs.! I'm so proud!"


"It's the first time in my journey that I have started to consume fat and the weight is still coming off yet I’m building muscle which is very impressive!"

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Get Access to the Entire System in Minutes!

You'll get full access to the entire 30–Day Fat Loss System (valued at $321.00 ). You'll learn how to burn off belly fat and build muscle using the Ancestral approach to health.

Fat loss system
Fat loss system

The 30-Day Fat Loss System

The 30–Day Fat Loss System is not a dietary bootcamp; it is a template for making healthy eating and lifestyle decisions.

In this system, Abel describes the very techniques he recommends to his clients and follows diligently himself – to spur total body transformation and achieve lifelong health.

You'll Learn How To:

  • Lose fat permanently
  • Transform your body the safe, natural and healthy way
  • Burn the most fat in the shortest amount of time possible
  • Build lean muscle using the most efficient methods

In the 30–Day Fat Loss System, I thoroughly explain such topics as:

  • Specific food types and little-known tricks that will significantly help increase fat burning within your body
  • The true story about dietary fats and why the food manufacturers and media have confused you
  • The widespread myths about saturated fats and what you need to know
  • The shocking facts about trans fats in our food supply
  • The truth about carbs and why you’ve been deceived by money-hungry companies
  • The facts about how much protein you really need
  • A thorough understanding of the blood sugar and insulin process in your body and how this affects your ability to lose body fat
  • The most effective method of meal and nutrient timing to best stimulate fat loss and muscle recovery
  • Why you should follow "The Wild Diet"
  • 30 days of specific healthy fat-burning meal plans to give you ideas for your own successful nutrition strategy

Here is what you WILL NOT see in the 30–Day Fat Loss System:

  • No more bogus "fat-burner" pills
  • No more gimmicky gadgets
  • No more lame cardio workouts
  • No more scams, myths, or nonsense

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Fat loss book

The 30-Day Fat Loss Manual

Abel James' 100+ page ebook manual reveals the secrets behind rapid fat loss, building lean muscle, and achieving permanent health.

Fat loss audio

Quick-Start Audio

Abel explains the key secrets of the 30–Day Fat Loss System so you can get started right away.

Shopping guide

Shopping Guide

A printable guide to all of the foods you can find at your local grocery store to help you burn fat and build lean muscle.

Meal plan guide

30–Day Meal Plan

30 days packed with mouth-watering fat–torching meals that can be customized to your unique tastes, needs, and goals.

Quick start guide

Quick-Start Guide

The entire 30–Day Fat Loss System condensed in simple, straightforward language to get you results as quickly as possible.

Motivation guide

Motivation Journal

A printable fitness log that organizes a full month's worth of workouts and activity to track your muscle-building progress.

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