How to Eat on the Run

“Mealtime” used to mean sitting around the dinner table with family and friends enjoying meals for hours, laughing, relaxing, and carrying on in merriment. Is this what your life looks like? Or are you sucking down greasy burritos in the front seat of your car because you have something “more important” to do?

Respect your food and enjoy what you eat. Don’t polish off a bag of Doritos because you’re bored. Don’t suck down a stale, late-night Philly cheesesteak to “sober up.” And definitely don’t stuff a tub of melted ice cream down your gullet because your significant other just broke up with you. Those days are over.

It’s best to eat slowly and stop eating when you’re approximately 80% full, since it takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive the signal to stop eating. Make 30 minutes the minimum for lunch and dinner to limit spikes in blood glucose.

Food is fuel, and the ability to eat food is a luxury. Have high standards for what you put in your body. Look forward to what you eat, take your time, and make food a focus of your life.

When you eat natural, fresh, high-quality “Wild Diet” foods, you’ll want to take your time to savor it!

In the meantime, you can check out my adventure finding fat-burning foods at the airport!

Food is Good,

Abel James, Man with Legendary Appetite


  1. Craig heislen says:

    I had a quick question about what you said with Dark Chocolate. I use dark chocolate (90% Cacao), in a protein bar that I make, and have for a while. But after reading a post from Mark Sisson about Phytic Acid, it has got me thinking if Dark Chocolate is so good or not, and I would like your opinion. His article made claim that Phytic acid, which in found in many things, Bonds to certain minerals and prevents your body from absorbing them. Even bad enough to the point that it can cause mineral deficiencies. Also mentioned in the article were the Brazil Nuts, that you also had mentioned. Here is the link to the article itself, please let me know what you think and if these foods should be eaten at a certain time or within’ a certain time frame of taking vitamins or supplements.

    • Hi Craig,
      Thanks for the question. Yes, every food on earth falls on a scale of “good for you, bad for you” and there is no perfect food. However, in moderation, I believe chocolate is pretty darn close to a perfect food. Killer antioxidant content, delicious, and despite a bit of phytic acid, I’d say very much a net positive. Don’t concern yourself too much with eating a certain time of the day. As long as you’re eating real and clean foods that have been safely consumed for thousands of years, you’ll be right on track.

  2. Beef jerky (from grass-fed, local farms) and some stashed coconut oil and/or MCT oil…are easy to carry on the go! I also carry butter too, since it can handle non-refrigerated temps for about a day or two. Getting coffee and whipping it up on the go is also super delish. No need for shitty snacks.

    Although, like you, if totally empty handed…I can go to a Mexican place, get some guaca mole and some beef…easy. (Still cheaper and/or same price as snack and junk food).

    Another good option: Get some liverwurst and some greens/olives…so easy.

    Lots of super good choices! O…and IF’ing is also a good option too!

  3. On a recent trip, it was feasible for me to pack a lunch in the morning to eat at the airport later in the day. I also made my own paleo nut mix, brought some grass-fed beef jerky, and some 85% dark chocolate. I threw in a couple of apples, some chopped veggies, and a can of sardines as well (no salt, packed in water-brought in suitcase). Airport security really doesn’t care if you bring your own food in, just as long as it’s not a liquid.

    It was a challenge to stay paleo at my conference (left a lot of sandwich carcasses on the plate), but I was able to do a decent job.

    Thanks for all the information!

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