Dr. William Davis: Undoctored, Why Health Care Stinks & Playing Xbox on a Bicycle

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fat loss scams

Is Cereal Making You Fat? Why you might as well eat a donut…

Would you feed your children candy, ice cream, or chocolate cake for breakfast? Most cereals are no better. Colorful commercials love to tell us and our children that cereal is a healthy, wholesome, and nutritious breakfast. What they don’t tell us is the truth. Many popular children’s cereals are packed with more sugar than a […]

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Scam Alert: Wendy’s Sells Fake Food and Calls it Real

I just watched an episode of one of my favorite shows, “Conan,” and saw for the umpteenth time a commercial culminating in something that always amused and infuriated me: Wendy’s preposterous slogan, “You know when it’s real.” You guys are sharks. Your food is poison and you know it. Firstly, I just want to point […]

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Myth: Agave Nectar is Healthy

Let’s face it – humans are genetically programmed to gorge on sweets until we explode. That was handy in the days when sweets were hard to come by and we were brow-beating saber tooth tigers into submission. But these days, our gluttonous predispositions do little more than encourage us to plump our bellies. Agave nectar […]

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Soda and Processed Foods Make You Age and Die Faster?

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to avoid soda and processed foods, here are some more: accelerated aging and early death. These effects are due to “phosphate toxicity”; high levels of phosphate in processed foods and soda have been linked to kidney disease, heart disease, skin changes from muscle atrophy, and increased risk for […]

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