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Just Released! The Fat-Burning Chef!

Ready to get in the best shape of your life with easy fat-torching recipes from the top chefs in Paleo? In addition to getting this master collection of recipes, you’ll also receive free video coaching, exclusive ebook interview with Tim Ferris, The Primal Rockstars ebook, and more!

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Our #1-Rated App: Get 200+ Paleo Recipes!

Get our app that hit #1 in Food and top 10 overall (that’s better than Angry Birds) in the app store with over 200 incredible Paleo recipes from George Bryant of Civilized Caveman Cooking and Abel James on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android!

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The 30-Day Fat Loss System

The Wild Diet 30-Day Fat Loss System

How you can burn belly fat, increase strength, restore energy levels and libido, and eat extremely well in just 30 days! Get video training, audio, and 7 eBooks, journals, and guides (includes “The Wild Diet”).

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Want personal support and group accountability? Watch Video Training and get the secrets of the system as quickly as possible – instantly! We are here to help you lose weight, build strength, improve performance, and achieve lifelong health.

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Caveman Feast eCookbook: 200+ Tantalizing Paleo Recipes

Get over 200 incredible Paleo recipes from George Bryant of Civilized Caveman Cooking and Abel James. Your kitchen will never be the same.

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Gluten-Free Desserts Cookbook!

Get delicious Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes straight from the Fat-Burning Man’s kitchen! If you’re going to eat dessert (I am), this is the way to do it!

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