Big Fat Mistakes: E-Course Part 3

Big Fat Mistake 3:

You Are Eating Foods Your Body Was Not Designed to Eat

No, crushing RedBull is not cool.

Our genetics are nearly identical to those of our hunter-gathering ancestors. Your stone-age body still thinks that you are chasing wooly mammoths around the savanna, dodging saber tooth tigers and browbeating your enemies into submission. Today, it’s much easier to survive.  But with a rampant supply of fat-storing foods, it is – tragically – incredibly easy to become fat.

In the glory days of hunter-gathering, the opportunity to eat required immense effort and risk.  If you wanted meat, you had to run an antelope to death, scoop a jackrabbit out of thin air, or snap the neck of a feral swine with your bear hands. Eating only came as the direct result of enormous expenditures of energy.

But here is the issue today: while you may know that food is readily available and you’ll eat again in a few short hours, your body does not. So, as a no-longer-handy survival mechanism, you readily store extra calories – especially carbohydrates – as fat.

Much like a squirrel stores nuts in for the winter, human fat cells are designed to horde energy. You have approximately 30 billion fat cells, which can expand a thousand times in volume and/or can divide infinitely to form new fat cells.

Caveman Abel

Ironically, the very same mechanisms we acquired to help us survive are killing us.

Is all modern, post-agricultural food harmful, fattening, or unhealthy? Not necessarily, but the Fat-Burning Man system follows this principle: eat plenty of whole and naturally-edible foods and be skeptical of manipulated, processed, and invented food products.

Your body is incredible: it can squeeze every last bit of nutrition out of any substance remotely resembling food to literally turn Twinkies into fingernails. With magical powers like that, is it really so hard to believe that burning fat is simple and straightforward if you eat the foods we were built to eat and get off your couch every once in a while? There is hope! 

When you reduce your consumption of modern foods such as grains, sugars, and other simple carbohydrates in favor of natural plants and animals that approximate the nutritional composition of the natural human diet, your body will utilize fat as its main fuel source.

Burning fat is easy. You’ll see.

Stay Ripped,

Abel James, Resident Caveman


In case you missed it, here’s my “Intro to Paleo” Video!

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