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  1. I’m reading the wild diet which I am enjoying thoroughly. I have a question though.

    In the book on the section about fats Abel says ‘eating fat isn’t fattening’ and this was a revelation to me. I am curious what does Abel recommend for someone on an 1800 calorie diet; as in:
    How many grams of fat should a male be consuming daily. Also what are his recommended macros?
    Right now I’m running at
    40% Carbs
    30% fat
    30% protein
    But halfway through the book I was woke to the fact that eating fat like peanuts isn’t something to steer clear and won’t make you fat. That it’s considered concentrated energy.

    So lately my macros for fat have been going over 30%.
    I always stay under my Carb macros
    I go over my Protein and only lately go over my fat macro.
    I’d really appreciate some insight into this.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Abel

    I have watch the TV show Diet wars and is very impressed with your program, I have been on so many diets with no long term success.

    I am looking for a life style change that is long lasting and quick to get the results.

    I want to lose 45lb and a lot of body fat and wants to keep it of.

    Who will the Wild Diet book help me with this?

  3. I had my gallbladder removed 10 yrs ago. will consuming so much fat still slow me to loose weight without my gall bladder? Any supplements or advise you can offer?

  4. Tyreek Jenkins says:

    Hey Abel I want to know if there’s a way for me to lose 30 pounds within 2 months I’m a football player and I was eating a little too much out of my diet and now I have to drop 30 before summer practice starts can you please help?

  5. Hi
    PURCHASED your diet and got the cheat PDF without problems but not the wild diet as when I press the link to the dashboard I always cannot sign in.
    Your wonderful customer service gave me a new password but still cannot log in.
    Cleared the Caches and cookies tried a different Browser etc.
    Please send me the diet in a PDF.
    I will pay extra fees but it is soooo important to me to get it as it might be a Chance for me to finally quit the binge eating disorder.


  6. HI Abel,

    I read your book and purchased the 30 day meal guide. I am prepping to start it and I wondered if you had a list of all of the kitchen equipment that would be useful to have before starting this? Or do you have a list of must-have kitchen essentials for the Wild Diet?


  7. Sherrie Torlai says:

    I’m your challenge subject. I’m a flight attendant who is only home one to two days a week. It’s impossible to make food for the week and bring it with me. What do you suggest?

  8. I have a question about snacking (good) vs. grazing (bad). I am doing the workout fast in the morning. When I’m done, I snack on berries, nuts, maybe a HB egg around 11:15am. Then, I go do a hike for 1 and 1/2 hours. After that, I have another snack before I can get home and have a real meal. Am I grazing at this point? What’s the difference? Should I eliminate the second snack?

  9. Hi Able
    I have two questions
    This is my second round of losing weight. I lost 30 pounds a few years ago following your plan but turn 46 has made things really hard and I am back to where I was. I gained 30 pounds in a year. And my dieted hasn’t changed all that much. How do I keep this weight off with getting older?

    Second question, What are some good protein options, sometimes I just don’t want to eat meat?

  10. Melinda Meagher says:

    Hi, Abel! A few quick questions…

    I am new to your program and loving it! I was losing weight fairly steadily, then I weighed myself this AM and shot up a few pounds! I didn’t change anything and I’m wondering if this is normal!? How long does it take to be fully fat adapted?

    Second question. I’m trying intermittent fasting (16:8) and before my first meal can I have the bulletproof coffee?


  11. Hi Abel,

    I am highly addicted to sugar. I have been working to detox my body this last weeks and starting your program. I eat very little carbs except for tomatoes and other veggies. I also have been doing HIIT workouts and after these I feel a huge craving for sugar. I can’t decide if this craving is my body telling me I need the sugar after work out or my body is craving’s from my addiction. I think I need to start using some of the sweet potato recipes you have, however I am concerned this will feed my addiction and I won’t really be detoxing my body from sugar. Do you have any advice for me?

  12. If you are allergic to coconut what other healthy fats or substitutes Would you suggest? I use grass fed butter and Olive Oil but it seems 95% of the recipies call for coconut oil, coconut flower and coconut aminos. Help..

  13. rita kennedy says:

    Is there any type of supplement you recommend to get to ketosis sooner?
    ps. How important is eating green vegetables with meals? (I had eggs, avocado and turkey for breakfast with kale juice)

  14. Hi Abel

    I have low blood sugar and the sugar in my diet really helped me cope. Now that I have removed sugars from my diet how can I keep myself from feeling so weak. I don’t want to affect my results.


  15. I have 2 questions for anyone with answers 🙂

    1. Do you have a 30 day plan that does not include nightshades? After using an autoimmune paleo diet for about a year I learned I am very sensitive to nightshades. They cause a lot of joint inflammation for me (unfortunately – I LOVE them!!).

    Hopefully once the leaky gut issue is healed I will be able to eat them again 😉

    2. Do you have recipes for the vegetables and leafy greens that are supposed to constitute 65% of our meals? Is breakfast also supposed to be 65% veggies? Looking through the recipes in the 30 day plan I find a lot of lovely looking dishes, but not many shake recipes or many greens/salads/veggies recipes. Maybe I just missed them?

    THANK YOU!!! I am looking forward to making the lifestyle change to the wild diet 🙂

  16. I’ve been looking for recipes on your site and am unable to find them. I’m going to start a ketogenic diet soon and I wasn’t to use a green smoothie for breakfast everyday. What I’m looking for: a recipe I can use everyday to get all my nutrients and have a good start to the day. I don’t know where to begin or where to look on google because of the immense search results. Where can I find the green smoothies you use and where can I find nutrition facts for vegetables (I think you said you had that on your site too)?Anyways please help much appreciated.

  17. Wendy-Lynne and Alan says:

    Ccouple of questions:

    In your book, the shopping list ideas don’t mention coconut palm sugar, but some of the recipes do.

    We have been given to believe that the process of harvesting the sap from the coconut palm to create palm sugar, renders the tree incapable of producing fruit and that it also shortens the life of the tree dramatically. Also, these tree take a long time to grow, and because of this we opted out of using it.

    We have not been using refined sugar for years. We have been led to believe that natural minimally refined Cane sugar is the best available. What are thoughts on this issue and what can we substitute for coconut palm sugar in the dessert recipes in your book.

    Thanks. Really enjoying your book, it is extremely informative.

    Wendy-Lynne and Alan

  18. Hi Abel,

    I’m on day 4 of the wild diet, I’m starting to have trouble sleeping at night. Just wanted to find out if this is a normal transition?

  19. Hello, Abel, I would love for you to touch upon a topic of “skinny-fat” people. How and why people get skinny-fat and what are some strategies on how can one reverse that condition.

    This is my problem and usually, I look nice in the clothes but not without. When I ask people around me about how to lose fat I get the surprised looks with replies like “What are you talking about, you are fine as you are”. But I don’t want to be just fine, I want to be the best version of myself and this includes having a physique that gives me confidence both in clothes and without.

    Many thanks,


  20. Hi Able,
    thanks for all your work. Just finished your book and have been devouring all your podcasts! they are such a great wealth of knowledge. I have been eating mostly paleo for about 3 years now. I have two kids, husband, 2 dogs and various other animals. I’m attempting to start a little hobby farm to try to grow most of our own produce, and have chickens etc. Your book has helped inspire me to keep at that. i just signed up for the 30 days with you. I would love to loose this last 5 lbs but my husband needs to loose about 20, so I’m doing my best to support him through this. Although I’m pretty sure it will melt off him once he stops drinking beer. lol Everything is going pretty well my only question is with the intermittent fasting. i have no problem at all going 18 hours or even more sometimes without eating. But I’ve been doing it for about 6-8 weeks and haven’t lost any weight. it could be more related to what I’m consuming when i am eating so I’m now following your diet to see if that helps. But I’m worried that I’m not eating enough during the eating window? i eat till I’m full and I’m fine the next day so assuming thats how you tell? also is there any information regarding hormonal balance and adrenal fatigue with intermittent fasting? Should i consume more when I’m on my cycle? are there any signs that the fasting is depleting my adrenal glands? Thanks for you time!!
    Jen Neuron

  21. I was wondering how the Wild Diet 30 Meal Day Plan works for every person if they have to consume a different amount of calories. The recipes are made for 2-4 servings so would I just consume one serving or two servings? Should I be counting calories at all and/or focus on macros. I’m a petite female and after reading the manual I’d have to eat 1200-1600 calories per day to “aggressively” lose weight.

  22. I bought your book on a whim last summer and read it from start to finish a couple of times before I dove in. I was amazed to find that so much of eating Wild is how I naturally eat. Aside from a “white” addiction (sugar and flour, separate and in the same dish) I was already eating Wild. I was eating close to 80/20 though – 80 junk, 20 good. Switched that and have been eating Wild for 17 days. I already feel better.
    My question is how to deal with nay-sayers. I have very little support at home and am going to have to stick to it on my own. I know that in time the results will be the proof. How do you deal with people who want you to fail?

  23. Hi Abel, I have downloaded your healthy eating guide and would like to fast but am getting over glandular fever, is it wise to fast or continue having breakfast until I’m 100%?
    My second question is that I have an oxalate sensitivity, most raw veg (spinach, celery, kale, sweet potato) all the good ones unfortunately have to be boiled for 10 mins so that the oxalates have been removed and then I can eat them. I really want to follow the 30 day meal plan you have however the juices may be too much for my digestion and body sensitivity. Do you have any recommendations or options on this?

  24. Ivan (Tony) Rivera says:

    I’m at that point where I’ve done it all and nothing works. I have a doctors appointment Monday and I would like to know what kind of blood work should I ask the doctor to prescribe so I can find out why no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight. Thank you. I’ve struggled for 20 years and tried everything, please help me.
    Sent from my iPhone

  25. Hi Abel,
    Îm over 50 and I would like to integrate fastening (from 8 to noon) in my program. Should I eat all the suggested meals in the day menu in 8 hours or do I just skip breakfast without missing any mineral, vitamin…? Also, I was wondering if I would get enough calcium with this program ?
    Thank you!

  26. I know you don’t recommend soy products, but what about miso? Does the fact that its organic and fermented make it better?

  27. Diane Hafoka says:

    I am super allergic to fish. And I mean all fish. What would you suggest that I replace the fish based meals with?

  28. I like to go off my diet on the weekends. Not go crazy and eat to make up for lost time, but just have a regular meal. Then go back to the diet on Sunday and continue the rest of the week. Good, bad, everything in moderation?

  29. I read that you can consum olive oil in the amount if a shot glass and it can add quality calories and healthy benefits. If true, is your olive oil organic?

  30. Curt Hunter says:

    I have bought the book and the program. I have a question…
    Can you eat too many leafy greens? Like in the big salad, if I have a whole cucumber and 2 giant handfuls of spinach or more, is that an issue?
    Also, protein…you recommend up to 1 gram per pound of ideal or lean body weight. However, on IF fasting days, you don’t get nearly that.
    How does all of that fit together?

  31. Hi Abel

    I would just like to know, if i can do that 7 day sample diet you sent through, over and over again? Probably for 40 days..
    And is this diet a lot like “banting”

    Kind regards 🙂

  32. I have bought the book and the program. I have a couple questions that would help me tie the 2 together…
    Can you eat too many leafy greens? Like in the big salad, if I have a whole cucumber and 2 giant handfuls of spinach or more, is that an issue?
    Also, protein…you recommend up to 1 gram per pound of ideal or lean body weight. However, on IF fasting days, you don’t get nearly that. How does all of that fit together?

    Thanks a ton.

    • Seriously, I will take any help you can give. I lost like 5 pounds and am stalled completely at 1 month in. I even mixed in IF in the morning and don’t eat till noon.

      I would appreciate it.


  33. How in the world can I eat my ideal weight in grams of protein? I have never weighed 130 pounds, but I made it my goal because I don’t want to eat any more protein than that. Isn’t it bad for my kidneys to eat that much protein? Even if I eat 4 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, 4 oz of steak and 4 oz of chicken I’m still not at 130 grams of protein. I added in an avocado and an ounce of raw almonds. Still not there. I started looking up my veggies to see if eating those would get me to 130, but it would take way more vegetables than I could even keep in my frig to get to 130. I can’t eat this much food. I must be doing something wrong and misunderstanding something. Please help!

  34. If I’m starting to tire of eggs in a major way as in don’t want to see them for awhile I’m guessing it’s ok to switch things around in the menu?

  35. Lost weight the first week, gained 4 lbs back after one cheat. I’m having a hard time and I feel down.. I am in post menopause as a younger age due to cancer.. I can’t lose weight!

  36. Hi! I just signed up for both your wild diet fat loss and the fat-burning tribe. I am a Muslim, and every year we have to fast everyday for a month during the month of Ramadan. Well, that starts next Saturday. I have attached a link for the month’s timetable (time we start fast and break fast each day for the month):

    During the fast, we are not allowed to eat or drink ANYTHING, including water. What is the best version of the wild diet for this month? I’d like to primarily lose unhealthy fat from my body and possibly gain some muscle.


  37. I am interested in trying the Wild Diet, I have food allergies below, is this diet right for me? Are there recommended substitutes available in the Wild Diet Program that will work for me?

    My food allergies:
    Red Meat (Beef and Pork)
    Egg Whites

  38. Jeree Stambaugh says:

    Hey there! Excited to start your program. I am 51, a woman and have hypothyroidism. Have really struggled to lose weight. Also, have a lot of weight to lose. Have done the low fat thing for years and my sugar addiction just got worse. I started the ketogenic diet May 1st, but after hearing your podcast- I think I could do your program for long term. Eating this way has amazed me that I hardly have sugar cravings. (Amazing!). I swim/ water aerobics 4 times a week.
    My right knee gives me troubles- so the water is great for me.
    Just wondered if you have any extra tips for thyroid issues. They have been increasing my medicine for a year and half and it isn’t the right level.
    Thanks for any tips you might have. ?

  39. Hi Abel,

    I have a question that I’ve done a lot of google searching on and I just can’t seem to find a good answer. I typically eat a salad for lunch every day (spring mix, carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, chicken breast, seeds & balsamic dressing) After about 30 minutes my digestive system hates me (especially if I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast). I feel bloated and gassy and my stomach is growling like crazy. Could it be that my body is having a hard time digesting the raw vegetables? How can I fix this? I don’t want to give up my salads for lunch because I love them and I know they are good for me.

    Thank you in advance for your advice!

  40. Mikele Calbert says:

    Hi! I love coffee and have been wanting to try fatty coffee but normally avoid coffee due to a minor heart condition. Will decaf work?

  41. I am curious if I can still achieve good results considering my entire thyroid was removed? I would also like to know if it would be considered safe?

  42. Jennie Neuron says:

    I’ve been following the diet for almost over a month now and I’ve gained 4 lbs. and according to my smart scale it’s not muscle or water weight. Wondering if it’s the intermittent fasting maybe my body doesn’t like the fatty coffee? It seems to fill me up until about one or 2 o’clock perhaps I’m not eating enough calories in the allotted time? Or maybe I’m erring on the side of too much fat?

  43. In your book you list avocados in two separate categories: once under vegetables that you can “eat as many as you want” and then a second time under fruit that you should “limit to 1-2 servings”. I’m guessing one of these is a typo. Which category should avocados be under? If I eat more than one a day am I consuming too much fat?

  44. Jonathan Cook says:

    Hi.. What’s the deal with alcohol. Wine for example. Red or white.
    And should I only have fatty coffee once a day?

  45. Hi Abel:
    There is no good way of asking this question, lol. I bought your book and tried the meal plan, I did lose weight!! But unfortunately I was so constipated I was in extreme pain, so I said to heck with this filed away the book and started eating like I used to. Is there something that I could include in the plan to avoid ending up like that again?

  46. Daniel Fish says:


    I’ve recently started listening to your podcast, and I love it. I’m very interested in starting The Wild Diet, but I have an issue that makes your diet, or any other for that matter, difficult. I am an airline pilot. Being on the road 3-5 days in a row makes sticking to any plan a challenge. I can certainly bring food with me, but keeping items come for days at a time presents its own challenges. How doable would the Wild Diet be in my situation? Airport food and restaurants are usually not the most diet friendly places.

    I’m not overweight, and I’m in good health as it stands -I would like to keep it that way! The airline pilot lifestyle can be tough on ones health, and I would like to stay ahead of it.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions you can provide.

  47. Hi Abel,

    I’ve listened to many of your podcasts, read your book, subscribed to, and been following your diet (which I love) for nearly 4 months now. I’ve never been overweight, but I’ve always had a few extra pounds on my waist that’s never come off, that is, until now. I generally have more energy throughout the day and I feel great about the foods I’m putting in my body and my family’s bodies as well. It costs a little more to get the organic grass fed food, but I figure better to pay now than later. So thank you. You’ve made a small investment on your website turn into a huge investment in myself and my family.

    Now, we all know you and your guests discuss how saturated fat can be your friend, and there are those in the media who’ve tried to push other un-healthy options upon us for profit, but my wife and I recently came across an article about the dangers of coconut oil. Since I follow your recipes, and they include coconut oil, I’d be curious to find our your take on this study. Is this propaganda for big food companies, or should I be concerned for my health?

    Look forward to your opinion.

  48. Haven’t been able to look at your plan just yet w busy little ones. My only question is do you have a meal by meal plan I follow. I Love working out! I will do weights and outdoor cardio till pigs fly. But I do struggle with proper foods. Love healthy foods but on days where I don’t prep. Eeek?

  49. Michael Tillett says:

    Hey Abel!

    My name’s Michael, and my wife and I have been reading and following the wild diet for about a month and a half now pretty consistently, and we love it! I have lost 15lbs and 5% body fat, and I have never felt better! However, my wife and I came across a documentary called, “What the health?” and it is shocking and confusing us. It seems built on a similar foundation as The Wild Diet, however it contradicts some major principles of the Wild diet. One thing it states is to not eat animal meats, because it causes cancer/diabetes. Also it states to NOT eat fat. This is so frustrating, because we have grown to love your guidance from the Wild diet, and it has been working so well for us! Now we feel like we don’t know what the heck to eat!! We both wanted to know what your stance was on this, and if you can offer any guidance? After finishing the documentary, it does seem to have a very ‘vegan agenda’. But honestly, nothing I have ever tried has made me feel as good as the Wild Diet. So thank you!! And thank you for your response!!


  50. I am loving all that I am reading in the book, “The Wild Diet.” I have been in a continuous yo-yo cycle most of my adult life (I’m 39 years old) and looking for this to help break that rhythm. I am thankful for the new insight and raised awareness but have two questions. I love the concept of fasting in the morning and exercising during fast. I have always been taught and practiced that you eat something within 30 minutes of ending exercise for recovery purposes. I am overweight by about 35-40 pounds and have always eaten every 2-3 hours to “keep metabolism up” when eating clean. I know my body will have to take time to adjust but with all that said.
    1. What do you recommend for after exercising as I usually exercise early in the morning?
    2. One of my biggest battles is late night snacking. What are proper late night snacks if I do give in (the hope is to not).

    Thanks so much as I’m starting this lifestyle change today.

  51. Emily Watts says:

    First, thank you. I listened to your book a few months ago and have been studying your site and listening to your podcasts. I have a background in medicine and I get it, it now all makes sense. My biggest question is this, I had gastric bypass surgery 10 years ago (Roux-en-y procedure), and have read conflicting information that this way of eating is contradictory. But from a health perspective it seems like it should be ok? Any history with other people being successful? I am still going to give this a good go, but just curious if there are roadblocks that I need to be looking out for?

  52. I would like to know your opinion on heart health. I hear you and Vinnie Tortorich talk alot about eating meat and butter, but I never hear you talk about heart health ( I am a fairly new listener, so mabey you have talked about it) I’ve always been told to stay away from such items to keep cholesterol low and arteries clear. Please help me with my confusion. I would like to be more paleo instead if vegan but my family history of heart disease keeps me from switching.

    Thank you,

  53. so I am 61 years old

    on average I teach 20 hrs per week fitness classes
    moderate levels try to stay away from boot camp and high impact cardio classes (due to my knees)I try to stay away from gluten and refined sugar
    how much protein do I actually need
    and my body composition is ok for my age but I HATE the fat around my mid section

  54. Hi Abel, My wife and I are looking forward to starting this program tomorrow. I work 3rd shift (off at 6am), but I’d like to stay on the same meal schedule as the family. I wake-up around 2pm can I switch up breakfast, lunch, and dinner and expect the same results? Thanks,

  55. Susan Rodriguez says:

    I can’t seem to stay in track on weekend trips an so fourth. I take snacks but always end up failing an just eating whatever. Need help with this I travel often to my daughters an can’t seem to conquer this issue

  56. Anita McDaniel says:

    What do I do when this kind of eating doesn’t help me lose weight?? I have dieted since I was 14. I am 70. I did Atkins in 2002 & lost 80 lbs. when my parents became ill & I was in charge of their care & burials took their toll on me from 2007-14. Then I had lesions & nodules on my thyroid / it was removed & instead of helping my weight loss I added back 30 lbs. I also have degenerative disc disease which puts me in agony when I have to walk much without a shopping cart. I am doing a low impact yoga & trying to do Tai Chi.
    I have counted calories, done Atkins, the A-list diet, and your diet. I lost 15 lbs in the A-list diet during its initial phase with the added amino acids, but NOTHING SINCE. I CAN’T lose any more weight no matter what I do.
    Please give me some suggestions. My doctor suggested your diet.

    Anita McDaniel

  57. Elizabeth Burleson says:

    My friends and I have been following the wild diet book, and we love it! We even have a little support group going. We’ve all lost weight, but the best part is we all feel better. I have a 10-year-old, and she’s even started to read labels with me and is being more conscientious of what she’s eating.

    Later this month (late July/early August), we will be making a trip from Texas to the east coast (Maryland) on our motorcycles. Since we’ve been trying to stay true to the wild diet, clean eating way of life, I’m a little worried about staying hydrated while we are traveling during our trip on only water. Is there anything that you’d suggest for us to add along with water, or is water enough?

    Thanks for any advice/help you can give!

  58. Landen Conner says:

    Hi Abel, my name is Landen Conner, and I’m incorporating your information into my lifestyle change. Thank you for your information BTW!! I did have a question. I was wondering how are your feelings toward the documentary called “What the Health.” It’s on youtube and Netflix. Do you agree or disagree with documentary. Also I am a pharmacist, where do you find the most reliable source of ACCURATE, non altered information about products and how harmful they are to the body?

    Thank you in advance!!

  59. Hi Abel,
    Really excited to start this plan. The information you’ve shared is awesome! I am pretty familiar with clean eating and training, though life always seems to get in the way of my consistency (excuses, I know) which has made things evolve VERY slowly. I’m ready to plow through that business and stay consistent to reach my goals… my wedding is in three months so it’s now or never!

    I’ve been intermittent fasting for about a week(16:8), I believe in the science behind it and have been doing great so far. I just need a little bit of guidance on food ratios for my feasting times.

    You mentioned not to worry about portion sizes or counting calories BUT I personally do so much better with a solid guide. In the past I have been a macro counter and use MFP a lot. I don’t count calories, just macros. This just CLICKS with me and it gives me confidence in knowing I am doing things properly.

    I am just wondering if you have a suggestion on food ratios (actual percentages to follow) for fat loss. I already know the calorie range to stay in but I think I’ve overwhelmed myself with trying to figure out if I should do low carb/high-er fat most days(not interested in Keto due to the lack of sustainability), high carb/low fat on training days, equal carbs and fat all the time? (I will be training as you advised in your plan.)

    I reviewed the ratio diagram you provided and it’s helpful! I’m just such a numbers person since don’t feel confident unless I have a structured plan. I really appreciate your advice!! Sorry to be so long-winded!

    • (in addition to my question above)
      I suppose it would be helpful to mention, I am aiming for a 25lb loss. I understand it may not be doable by wedding time(3m), but getting close would be great and establishing a concrete plan to follow as a lifestyle change is the ultimate(and most important) goal. I’m at about 1200cal a day for my deficit. I have done 40c/40p/20f before but I don’t know if that is the most ideal to torch fat. Thanks again!

  60. Hello Abel,
    I began the Wild diet today as well as incorporating intermittent fasting. Will that increase my fat lost quicker. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, just need to burn some fat. I am starting a workout program as well when some lifting.

    I’ve heard to drink bullet proof coffee. Should I be drinking that during my fasting him or during the time I should be eating?

  61. Robert Simms says:

    Can you help me understand if grass fed beef that is grain or corn silage finished is just as bad as feedlot beef that have an all corn or grain diet? Would the corn silage finish eliminate the extra beta carotene and omega 3 in the grass fed beef fat?

  62. Corey Finch says:

    Hi Abel,

    I am an avid listener to your show. I’m literally starting at the beginning of your podcasts and working my way to the most recent. I find it fascinating that you are able to get so many guests on the show. I like that you have some differing opinions represented. Even so, whole foods is the name of the game, and like you said, the details can be determined with your own experimentation.

    Anyway, I’m wondering if you can point me in the right direction on where to find some accredited research about high fat vs. low carb and the like.

    I whole heartedly believe in your message, however, I’m not sure where to get the facts to back it up when confronted by the opposition. I don’t want to argue, just have the facts speak for themselves. I also know you had a guest in the past, and probably several, that are very big in the research and seem to be very credible sources because they are willing to be wrong if that’s what science indicates. If you can point me in the direction of some sources like that, that would be helpful.

    Any info is much appreciated! Stay wild!

  63. Hi! Just bought the book today and am very excited to change my families life. I crossfit at 8am daily and wondered if you could explain how just protein and fats gives enough energy for the workouts, I’m just always learned you need slow digesting carbs preworkout and fast digesting carbs post wod? Also could you please recommend a protein powder to add to my green smoothies? Thanks and I will be submitting updates from my whole family because it will be a miracle in the making (they are all digging in their heels on this but we are
    Gonna do it!) thanks for a you do

  64. I am a single person on a budget. All of the recipes and shopping lists are developed around 2-4 people. Without having to go through each recipe each day of each week is there any weekly meal plans/shopping list for individuals?

  65. I am looking to get back to where I was as far as my weight and how I feel. Within the last year I have reverted back to unhealthy eating habits and need to lose about 20 pounds.

  66. Abel, following your plan and down 23# in 2 months. Finally out of the 400’s! I am a third shifter and my eating window is 1030 to 230pm. On the weekends I try to get on a normal schedule which pushes my eating window later in the afternoon or early evening. My question is will this affect ketosis?

  67. Hi abel,
    Im having problem with low sex drive lately. I have been eating primal for over a year now and in the 6 months i just havent been interested at all. Just turned 38 but checked testosterone last year and was good. Havent checked it since this problem started but will be soon. Puttindg a real strain on my marriage and looking for help!

  68. Mitchell Diaz says:

    I notice the weekly shopping list seems pretty daunting but are these things that will carry over from week to week? Like some of the items ask for very small amounts but can’t be purchased in anything that limited.

  69. Jill Harriman says:


    I am a busy mother of 7 with not much time to cook (or grocery shop for that matter!) and found the menu options pretty overwhelming. I am wondering if there is a simplified version of what to eat and when…something more along the lines of “chicken and vegetables” or ‘ veggies and protein’ instead of the extravagant dishes with tons of ingredients?

    I hope so as I really want to do this! 🙂

  70. hey Abel, so yesterday I started this diet, I only eat food twice a day (when I’m hungry) and I only drink water and tea( no milk just 2 tbsp of sugar and lemon tea), I also lift light weights, so how much kilograms of fat would I loose before September

  71. Hello Abel,

    I was looking over the shopping list for the Wild Diet and had a question about plain yogurt. Most of the yogurts in the stores are low-fat or non-fat, I usually get Non-Fat Greek yogurt with the lowest grams of sugar. However, I’m wondering if I should look for Full-Fat yogurt instead.


  72. Hi,

    I just read your book “ the Wild diet” and I am unsure about using cows milk? I see cheeses and cream and stuff but no mention of cows milk. I love my lattes!
    Also, I am confused about the secondary foods. We are only supposed to have 2 total daily . It looks like on your 7 day meal plan, page 294. Example : For day 1 There is for breakfast bacon and 1/2 grape fruit. Then lunch avocado, feta cheese. Snack is berries and yogurt. Desert is strawberries and whipped cream. Aren’t all these secondary foods? Is it 2 per category or two per secondary foods in total? Could you please confirm what is correct? thanks!

  73. Jane Taylor says:

    I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Some of the foods that are on this plan I’ve never even tried before, and am unsure how to prepare them. Is there something for beginners?

  74. Jane Taylor says:

    I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I’ve never tried some of the foods on this plan and I am unsure how to prepare them. What if I don’t like the food? Is there something for beginners? Do I sound like a big baby?

  75. Hi Abel,
    Can your shopping list be fulfilled at HEB stores?
    I’m told to make bone broth using uncommon parts (evidently for the collagen boost) such as chicken feet 😜 necks and wings. If the package says no hormones is that good enough?
    I don’t see myself shopping Whole Foods so I need to know if your WILD lifestyle is achievable in my geographical area.
    Thanks so much!

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