Fruit Juice is as Fattening as Soda.

You might think that fruit juices are healthy and could help with weight loss because they are all natural or even actually contain 100% juice.

But you’d be wrong.

Most fruit juices pack more calories and sugar than coke (upwards of 250 calories for a 20 ounce bottle)!

Whole fruits are a healthy part of any nutrition plan, but when you remove all of the fiber and other nutritious elements out of the fruit, you are essentially left with sugar water. The fiber in whole fruit would normally blunt the spike in blood sugar. But without it, you are left with a fattening beverage indeed. Contrary to what the commercials tell you, starting your day with a big glass of orange juice is a horrible decision.

Largely because they give you a natural source of fiber and water without added sugars, fresh fruits are much more beneficial for your body. An orange typically has less than 50 calories, much less than super-concentrated fruit juices, and studies have shown that you are likely to feel more satisfied after eating whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice even if you have consumed fewer calories.

When you crave fruit, eat it, don’t drink it. Go get some real fruit and leave the sugar water for the hummingbirds.


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