Chris Kresser: Your Personal Paleo Code, Top 5 Myths in Health, and Why It’s OK to Eat Ice Cream

Chris Kresser on The Fat-Burning Man Show

This week’s guest is a fellow podcaster, myth-buster, and wellness warrior, Chris Kresser. Chris runs his incredibly popular blog by the same name, and is also the author of the brand spankin’ new book “Your Personal Paleo Code,” which will be released on December 31st.

For a man so knowledgeable about all things Paleo, Chris’ non-dogmatic, balanced approach to health and wellness is refreshing. Case in point: last time I saw him in person here in Austin, we were chowing on grass-fed ice cream. And it was delicious.

On the show Chris & I talk about:

  • The top 5 myths in fat loss, health, and longevity
  • Why science often tells a different story than the media
  • Even if 50 million people say a foolish thing, it’s still a foolish thing
  • Why cavemen died young
  • Why it’s okay to eat ice cream sometimes
  • And tons more!

Here’s the show.


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We all think these diseases are “normal”… but there is a big difference between common and normal. – Chris Kresser

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  1. Do I need to order Chris’ book if I am already happy with my diet, which is basically what he recommends, a custom paleo diet? Great podcast! Shared.

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