Jonathan Bailor: The Calorie Myth, Eating on the Run, and What You’ll Never Hear on National Television

Jonathan Bailor Talks About Sugar

Today’s episode is with my good buddy, Jonathan Bailor, author of the international best-selling book The Calorie Myth.

This week marks The Fat-Burning Man Show’s 100th episode! You might not be aware that iTunes only posts my most recent 40 shows, but all of my shows will always be available on this website for free.

If you want to listen to past shows with Tim Ferriss, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Dr. William Davis and many more, click on the tab above “Listen to the Show“.

In the spirit of this being the very first show of the new year, let’s tie 2013 up in a nice little bow.

FatBurningMan Show Number 1 in Health

2013 highlights (best year ever)…
  • Fat-Burning Man has hit #1 in Health across the world not only in audio, but it also debuted as the #1 WebTV video podcast across the world in 2013!
  • The show has over 800 5-star reviews and has been downloaded over 3 million times! (Thank you!)
  • We launched a best-selling eCookbookThe Fat-Burning Chef” through the collaboration with 25+ other amazing food bloggers.
  • We launched a best-selling cooking appCaveman Feast” that has been selected by Apple as “Best of 2013.”
Exciting things to come in 2014:
  • I’ll be appearing in several documentaries about health, biohacking, food, productivity, and more
  • Looks like I might be writing another book – but for now that’ll be our little secret…
  • I’ll be teaching classes for en*theos academy – plus a series on how to improve your productivity
  • More apps coming your way
  • Tons of amazing collaborations with: Terry Wahls, Dave Asprey, Jonathan Bailor, George Bryant, Pedram Shojai, Dr. Sara Gottfried, David King, Jaime Tardy, and more

Sweet. Onto the show with Jonathan.

On this week’s show, you’ll learn:
  • The secret to finding high quality, fat-burning foods at any restaurant.
  • How to keep your sanity and your health while flying around the world.
  • Jonathan rants about the one thing he could never say on national television.
  • And loads more…

Here’s the show.


Resources mentioned on the show:
  • Grab “The Calorie Myth” HERE.
  • Get a sneak peek at Fat-Loss Masterclass, a collaborative project coming soon from Jonathan and me.

If you want to lose fat, you might need to eat more and exercise less. Click to Tweet!

I want to hear from you: From the past 100 shows, who has been your favorite guest? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll get ’em back on.

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  1. Hey Abel,

    Happy New Year and thanks for kick-starting 2014 with an awesome new episode!

    My favorite episode would have to be the one with you and Pedram Shojai – what he said there is so inspiring and motivating and he has a unique way of talking about the four pillars (real Food, quality sleep & exercise plus mindset). I also liked the way he described the flaws of modern medicine and doctors (not treat but teach) and also the insanity behind pharmaceutical ads (and the likes) – really eye-opening that piece.

    Would love for you to have him on the show again for Q1 or Q2 in 2014!

    Rock on and thanks for everything you do!

    Best Regards from Germany

  2. I’m so glad that you have also interviewed Jonathan Bailor. My whole mindset about calories and eating changed when I heard Dave Asprey’s interwiew with Jonathan. I was so afraid of turning in to my mother overweight and with type II diapetes that I just kept the calories to a minimum. Cold all the time, couldn’t sleep, too tired, not enough exercise. Just couple of weeks with lots of good quality fat, enough protein and inSane amounts of greenies and I’m doing so much better. Forever grateful.

    My favorite is always dr Sara. She is a total powerhouse. Would love to hear her again this year.

    Wishing you a wonderful year and thank you for “doing your duty” here on this earth.

    • Nothing beats “real food” when it comes to nutritional value, but high quality supplements can do in a pinch – just be conscientious of the ingredients. Dairy is case-by-case for sure (being sure to source from well-fed animals and even raw if possible). See how you look/feel/perform when incorporating vs when you don’t and go from there! – Emily, FBM Team

  3. His Dudeness says:

    Devoured the book in an afternoon like a giant plate of veggies. Then I went to Costco and bought a ton of green tea, veggies and avocados before the whole city froze solid. After eating about twice as many non-starch vegetables as I usually do for the past couple of days, I think it’s the piece I was missing.

    It’s a bit more chewing than I’m used to, though.

  4. There are few people in the industry as well versed and educated as Jonathan is on the topic of health. If you’re reading this and just trying to figure out how you’re going to go about beginning your health and wellness turnaround, then stop reading anything else immediately and go to Amazon to buy Jonathan’s book. It is profound in its simplicity and should be mandatory reading in any health class.


  5. Josh Douglas says:

    Great podcast. Can’t wait to see the colaboration between the two of you. Happy New year and cheers to your health and success in 2014!

  6. If meat is lean because the animal is exercising, it may have higher carnosine levels. This may benefit some people by increasing the muscle’s ability to buffer acid production as a part of burning fuel.

      • When I say exercising, I mean healthy, with the idea that a healthy, exercising animal is not being depleted of carnosine because of a poor diet preventing repair of the muscles and having a low general acid load. A diet low in AGEs, for example. And the exercising is being done because the animal is not suffering chronic fatigue. Thinking out loud, I reckon a lean animal served up in a vat of decent butter would be the way to go. Had a quick flick on the net, and found this:

        Carnosine is high in whales and migratory birds, who operate at extremes. Coming from an agricultural background, I can say that few farm animals go through such extremes (and if they do they aren’t the first to go to market) but they can suffer more stress. Perhaps one for Abel to ‘run-by’ his brother.

  7. Great podcast!
    Just picked up Jonathan’s book and quickly seeing the difference between quality > quantity.
    Interesting idea about fruit; a topic I’ve never been entirely sure about.

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